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【Enterprise 】Chengdu High-tech Crowne Plaza Hotel Galaxy Ballroom Project Solution


The banquet hall can be used to hold all kinds of wedding activities, company dinner, large rally, speech, report, press release, product display, held small and medium-sized theatrical performances, dance and other activities. At the same time with professional sound reinforcement system, advanced multimedia display system, a wealth of stage lighting system and intelligent centralized control system for the convening of wedding activities, corporate dinner, large rally, all kinds of meetings, academic reports, watch movies, Organize small and medium-sized theatrical performances and other activities to provide excellent sound quality, clear picture display and simple and convenient centralized control.


This project uses CK4L-9000 multi-window full-color LED splicing image processor.
Input signal: 16-channel DVI, 4-way SDI, 2-way DP (12-channel DVI resolution of 2560 * 768)
Output signal: 16-channel DVI connection card. Single-screen single-window, single-port output resolution 2560 * 768, 8-channel DVI value of the machine connected display.
This project site 360 degree ring screen LED display. The total number of lattice numbers reached 32k. Five blocks of the screen were: 10112 * 736; 10112 * 736; 1920 * 736; 1920 * 736; 5504 * 736, 12 send cards, the first 11 with 2560 * 736, 12 loaded 1408 * 736 , 12-channel DVI (2560 * 768) input, point-to-point display.


Fade in and out seamless switching function: you can use the hardware inside the device high-definition signal processing mechanism to ensure that single or multiple signals to switch when there is no black field interval trouble.
Welcome display function: support greeting display function, a variety of fonts, color, any location can be modified to support a variety of background background.
Ultra-high-definition signal access processing functions: DP module can collect 4K ultra-high-definition signal, the device internal high-definition processing channels to achieve point to point high-definition screen display.
Picture mode: to a picture as the background, the other window signal using a window tile display.
Overlay mode: With a channel picture as the background, other channels of the screen in the display, the window and the window between some or all coverage, the cover part is not displayed.
Zoom and Displacement: The size and position of the window are adjustable.
Mode customization: to provide users with a wealth of mode definition function, 30 built-in custom mode, large-capacity external mode customization, and support the call mode.
Paintwork Tile mode: Multi-channel or part of the signal in any rectangular display format full-screen or non-full-screen display, single-screen can open up to sixteen windows.


Shanghai century avenue telecom building

A sales center in JIAOZHOU city, Qingdao

Lobby of an enterprise

Nike store, huaihai middle road

Zhejiang Taizhou electric power company

Wei Qiao enterprise group

xhibition hall of a company in Yuncheng, Shanxi

Exhibition hall of a Jinan jiacheng enterprise

Qinglian garden, junshan district, Yueyang city, Hunan province

Dalian Development Zone, a sales office

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