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3D Active/Passive Edge blending Controller


?>> Createk active stereo signal fusion image controller supports the left and right eye composite stereo signal stepless frequency multiplication, the output frame frequency can reach 120HZ, supports stereo signal, plane signal mixed window, and supports separation signal to composite signal
? ?>>Createk passive stereo signal fusion image controller supports left and right eye separation stereo signal input and output, supports stereo signal, plane signal mixed window, and supports multi-window real-time display of stereo signal and plane signal.


Extreme fusion effect

Automatically generate fusion bands, and through feathering, eliminate the bright bands formed by the overlapping parts, and achieve the perfect picture of the projector's mutual image.

Arbitrary shape correction

Geometric correction on projection screens of various shapes such as non-standard planes, curved surfaces, spherical surfaces, and folded surfaces. The corrected image has no distortion and the transition is smooth and natural.

Full hardware DSP architecture

Industrial grade chassis with CPCI structure. Lossless CAN bus control technology, professional DSP video processing chip, flexible projection and multi-selection of projection scale, LCD panel real-time display device operating status. Modular design, dual backup power supply, support for power hot backup, fan and other modules can be replaced at will, can support system processing module hot swap. Provide self-diagnosis and detection functions to ensure system reliability, real-time and flexibility.

Other Features

  • Large screen display

    It can support multiple display modes such as Mx1, 1xN, and MxN to meet various application scenarios and meet various scenarios.

  • 3D/2D perfect switching

    3D picture and 2D picture smooth transition, no black shadow, no residue.

  • Integrated central control function

    Integrated central control serial port control interface, can control projector switch, mode switching and some simple peripheral devices.

  • Stable data architecture

    It can realize 365*24 hours boot operation, the whole system has no switching sequence, no color attenuation.

  • Multiple plan calls

    Preset multiple control schemes for easy direct call.

  • Seamless switching

    Smooth transition of screen switching, no black screen display, switching time less than 5 milliseconds



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