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Multi-Viewer Controller


Createk Multi-Viewer CK8 series are specially designed for the current display equipment of digital flat panel and oversize screen. It tackles display problems of the mosaic and crude image that appear on the screen. It allows users to display multiple computer -video or full-motion video signals simultaneously on a single screen. Each window can be independently scaled, positioned, or overlapped. The stability is much higher than traditional controller which is based on windows operation system-"computer-board"。


Modular design

According to the specific needs of customers, increase or decrease the different functional modules. Meet the different application requirements of customers with the best cost performance. It can be configured as different signal input channels from 2 to 16 divided according to the actual needs of the user. The broadcast-grade digital high-definition camera signal, high-resolution computer signal or Blu-ray DVD1080P signal can be sampled, transmitted and processed in real time without image delay, tailing or frame dropping, ensuring high-quality perfect picture.

Ultra HD 4K HDMI1.4 signal acquisition and output

Ability to capture Ultra HD 4K
HDMI signal and support 4K resolution output, providing clearer and more powerful effects.

Output custom resolution

The output supports EDID management, supports any switching of 4K and below normal resolution, and can customize the output resolution to match all terminal displays.

Output window free overlay roaming

Support all output windows to freely stack, roam, zoom



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