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Video Extender


>>Createk CK9W multi-format series transceiver adopts advanced technology and realizes long-distance transmission of audio and video signals based on single CAT5e/6 shielded network cable or single/multimode optical fiber transmission medium.


Super long transmission distance

Multi-format optical multimode transmits 300M at the farthest, and single mode transmits 20Km at the farthest. Net transmission supports 100 meters transmission.

Ultra HD resolution transmitter

HDMI supports 4K×2K@30Hz and below various resolution signal transmission, DVI and VGA support 1080P@60Hz and below various resolution signal transmission

Pure hardware design

No plug-ins, plug-and-play, 10G high-bandwidth lossless digital video transmission technology, no delay, clear image and strong anti-interference ability.

Multi-format signal transmission

Support HDMI, DVI, VGA and other signal transmission, and can be switched with one button

Support audio transmission

Support HDMI embedded audio transmission and 3.5mm headphone audio transmission in DVI, VGA mode.

Support EDID management

The EDID of the display device can be read and stored, compatible with the market and display.

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