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Central Control Programmable Host


>> CK-CSCentral Control Programmable Host is a new generation of control system host that Chuangkai Intelligent uses advanced integration technology to provide a high-speed and accurate centralized control environment. Provide a variety of programmable control interfaces, open user programming environment, complete a variety of complex control interface programming.


Pure hardware architecture

The central control host uses ARM7CPU, 8M memory, 2MFlash flash memory

Flexible configuration, free to expand

The central control host has built-in multiple programmable serial ports, supports the expansion of expansion cards, and supports terminal controlled devices such as serial port, infrared, digital IO, relay and other interfaces; the central control host also provides two expansion slots.

Compatibility covers a full range of network terminal products

The central control host adopts the NET control bus and is compatible with a full range of network terminal products.


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