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UAV inspection, traffic simulation deduction... Createk opened the "urban brain"

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Thousands of cameras and various sensors form the neural sensing network of the city, and a large amount of data is generated and stored every moment.

How to turn these data into decisions and actions of the city management department? This requires a "urban brain".

What is the "urban brain?"
In layman's terms, the "urban brain" is the use of artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things and other advanced technologies to build a back-office system for urban traffic management, environmental protection, urban refined management, regional economic management, etc., to open up different platforms and promote the city. Digital management.
On March 5, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping asked Shanghai when he participated in the deliberation of the Shanghai delegation of the Fifth Session of the 12th National People's Congress: "In Shanghai, a megacity, management should be as elaborate as embroidery."

Shanghai Lingang: Wide area + less people + faster development
●Shanghai Lingang has a land area of 315 square kilometers, 2.5 times that of Shanghai's inner ring.
●The management staff is less than 1/10 of the inner ring, and there are only 20 people in the urban management.
It is composed of functional areas such as intelligent manufacturing area, integrated development area, intelligent ecological area and marine science and creation city. It is the first demonstration area for China's new round of reform and opening up. The major construction projects in Shanghai accounted for 4 of the port, which is also a “double special policy”. The 13th Five-Year Key Development.

●The resident population is 80,000, and the extreme peak passenger flow is expected to be 100,000 daily.
Tourist attractions such as Planetarium, Drip Lake, Sea World, and Net Red Beach are all gathered in Shanghai. As soon as the tourist season is over, tourists and transportation will explode.


Dripping lake

What kind of problems does the port development face?
●On the port of the coast, more than 20 urban management is difficult to cover
●During the tourist season, traffic and tourism problems can’t be solved.

"The most diligent" patrolman on the port
At 15 minutes from the high tide, a drone suddenly flew in the sky. The drone screamed at the distance of about 30 meters from the ground to remind the tourists that the tide is coming...
The coast patrol's drone automatic flight, automatic operation and maintenance, comprehensive inspection, shoulder the heavy responsibility of protecting the coast ecology, protecting the safety of tourists and discovering the danger of instant alarm. 

What? Lingang also created a "digital twin city"
With the help of “Digital Twin Cities”, Lingang uses digital models to make holiday traffic guidance, lane setting, and parking lot planning. In any case, the pre-judgment can be carried out by means of deduction and simulation after the exercise in the “Digital Twin Cities”.
Since October last year, Shanghai Lingang began to lay out the “urban brain” and assisted urban governance through AI+ technology. After nine months of operation, the current level of refined management has been further improved, and the inspection discovery rate has increased to one minute.Lingang "urban brain" has achieved a breakthrough in urban governance model. Based on urban data in terms of social structure, social environment and social activities, we must respond to data from human resources and data, solve outstanding problems in urban governance, and realize innovative humanized governance models.

Createk Intelligent VIMIS, helping to improve the port management
Big data platform + Createk VIMIS, through cloud scheduling, without the need for people to the scene, the drone can go to any event location to perform the corresponding tasks.
●Active discovery, intelligent identification
●Intelligent dispatch, intelligent decision
●Closed loop disposal, intelligent supervision

The VIMIS Visual Interactive Management Information System (hereinafter referred to as “VIMIS”) launched by Createk Intelligent is committed to achieving the maximum value of massive data and management information. In the construction of the "smart brain" of Lingang, this has just been verified.

True 4K@60Hz signal acquisition
Two large resolution graphics workstations on the scene display two sets of big data. True 4K@60Hz input signal acquisition, showing big data images.
6 channels of each graphics workstation are collected, and 2*3 graphics cards are spliced. Single port acquisition 3840*1620, sum 11520*3240.

Frame synchronization control
The scene is a P1.2 small-pitch LED display with a total area of over 50 square meters, which puts very high requirements on the synchronization of the picture. Friends can achieve picture panning synchronization, while up and down sliding synchronism is almost impossible in the industry.Createk VIMIS adopts frame synchronization technology, which not only realizes up and down sliding synchronization, but also achieves 360-degree rotation synchronization, and the picture has no tear.

AI voice control
Start the drone and adjust the monitoring screen of Haichang Park... In Lingang “City Brain”, a series of operations can be completed by voice.All along, the application of AI voice control function is almost blank in the industry. The Createk VIMIS voice control function has been applied in Lingang “urban brain”.

Multi-region interconnection
“Island of Information” has always been one of the major problems facing the “urban brain”.Createk VIMIS is completely distributed in the true sense, and the entire system adopts IP networked architecture. It has multi-region interconnection and intercommunication function, realizes the interconnection and intercommunication between the port "city brain" command center and multiple conference rooms, sharing signal sources and integrating resources.

Visual interface customization
Createk VIMIS supports Windows, Android, Ios, Surface and other platform system visualization interface customization. WYSIWYG creates a unique interactive visual operation platform for the “urban brain” of Lingang.

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