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【Previous Review】

Createk VIMIS Visual Interactive Management Information System

Visual Interactive Management Information System (hereinafter referred to as "VIMIS") is the result of Createk's focus on distributed technology research for many years.

It is a comprehensive interactive information management solution that utilizes the whole network distributed technology and integrates audio and video integrated management, matrix switching, splicing and fusion, environment control, KVM and big data application based on distributed interconnection and interoperability. It can realize the use of massive data and management information.

Mainly for government departments, enterprises and institutions, etc., is committed to providing a complete multimedia information visualization solution.

What are the main features introduced?
1, "zero" dependence between devices
2, high performance splicing processing capability
3, visual management
4, the whole class of screen adaptation
5, dynamic ultra-high resolution base map display
6, full brand IPC access
7, KVM + function
8, visual display
9, environmental control, simplify system configuration
10, flexible rights management

【Current Content】

In addition to the features mentioned in the previous issue, does VIMIS have other features?

Low bandwidth, low latency, high image quality
Adopt H.264/H.265 coding standard
Network delay control within 70ms, guarantee network transmission capability

Multi-region interconnection
All based on the network, breaking through geographical restrictions
Realize multi-site coordinated operation, interconnection, signal source sharing, resource integration and utilization

Frame synchronization control
Frame synchronization
Realize the display of the full picture
Support for rolling subtitles
Support input and output character overlay, LED strip screen and scrolling caption display
The font, color, size, position, etc. of the character can be freely defined.

Support for rolling subtitles

Support input and output character overlay, LED strip screen and scrolling caption display
The font, color, size, position, etc. of the character can be freely defined.

Infinite expansion
Based on the IP network, the node is the carrier
Unlimited expansion upgrades

Custom design
Provide customized interactive interface
Support Windows, Android, IOS, Surface and other platform systems

Rich source type
Support VGA, DVI, SDI, DVI-X, HDMI1.3/1.4/2.0, audio and other formats video access collection, to meet the needs of different application scenarios

Battery redundancy backup
Multimedia management node supports POE power supply and external power supply
Support power redundancy backup

Optical network backup
Support for redundant backup mechanisms for fiber and IP networks
When a link fails, it automatically starts another link.

Agent management

Control multiple servers with a single mouse and keyboard

Unified server management, complete business operations through the agent management system

The mouse can slide freely between multiple monitors and enter the desktop of the computer system for operation.

Fast signal switching, push, control, etc. through shortcut keys and visual OSD menus

Support for pushing large screen signals to large screens or other seats
Achieve multi-person collaboration, more efficient data processing, and more efficient command and scheduling

What are the advantages of the VIMIS system?

Overall management
Cross-regional cross-network, multi-level multi-screen connectivity, intelligent overall management control
Distributed access of various types of signals, unified scheduling management
Environmental control, intelligent linkage management

Visual management
WYSIWYG, full-signal real-time preview
Signal source, large screen status, environmental control visualization
Unlimited storage of scenes, layout call visualization

Platform integration
Perfect integration of multi-platform system information
Fast docking of third-party platforms
OPEN API perfect convergence

Multi-region hierarchical management, multi-person simultaneous control
Multi-user hierarchical permission collaboration
KVM+ collaborative management
Signal preview, collaborative labeling
So you really are not ready to start such an audio and video solution?

What areas does VIMIS apply to?

Security monitoring, aerospace, exhibition, wisdom education, etc.

【About Createk】
Who is Createk?

Company Profile 
Createk is a national high-tech company that integrates software, hardware, research, development, production and sales, and is committed to smart education product solutions and audio and video image control processing solutions. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen and has offices or branches in more than 20 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Xi'an.

Qualification honor
National High-Tech Enterprise
Hundreds of invention patents, PCT international patents
Shenzhen “Science and Technology Progress Award Second Prize”
Pass 3C system, ISO9001 quality system, 14001 environmental management system, etc.
CMMI-3 software maturity international certification
Shenzhen famous brand, honest demonstration enterprise, 3A credit enterprise
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