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It exists because of demand丨Createk Visual Interactive Management Information System

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Driven by the trend of information technology, the integration of AV systems with military, transportation, construction, finance and other industries has been continuously strengthened. Various forms of video and audio systems such as emergency command system, traffic emergency command platform system and teleconferencing system have emerged. Program.

What are the shortcomings of traditional audio and video systems for users and managers?

1, the system is complex, and the equipment is numerous
2, poor compatibility between devices
3, poor scalability
4, the system operation is not intuitive enough
5, ...

Createk has launched an audio and video system solution. Do you know?

VIMIS visual interactive management information system is the result of Createk's focus on distributed technology research for many years.
It is a comprehensive interactive information management solution that utilizes the whole network distributed technology and integrates audio and video integrated management, matrix switching, splicing and fusion, environment control, KVM and big data application based on distributed interconnection and interoperability.
Mainly for government departments, enterprises and institutions, etc., is committed to providing a complete multimedia information visualization solution.

What features does it have?

"zero" dependence between devices

Decentralized, no separate server required
Fully distributed architecture

High performance splicing processing capability

Free signal scaling, cross-screen display, roaming, overlay
Can process 16 layers of video signals simultaneously

Visual management

Comprehensive visualization (environmental control, scene preview...)
Real-time preview of video signals, real-time echo of large-screen images
Full touch operation (drag, stretch, click)

Full screen adaptation

Supports all types of display terminals such as LED and projection fusion
Custom output resolution
Output group management, input source sharing

Dynamic ultra-high resolution basemap display

Large resolution point-to-point basemap display
Multiple basemap switching display
GIS, GPS, SCADA, SIG and other industrial applications

Full brand IPC access

Industry standard video decoding algorithms and protocols
Multi-system unified scheduling management

KVM+ function

Direct control of any content input to the computer through the visual management platform of the mobile terminal Android and IOS

Visual display

Each multimedia management node supports the LCD screen to display related device information, which is convenient for viewing the running status of the device.

Environmental control, simplified system configuration

Integrated central control function
Can directly control the surrounding environment equipment

Flexible rights management

User rights hierarchical management, multi-user simultaneous online management
Meet partition multi-level management

What advantages does it bring to traditional audio and video systems?

Reliable and stable, reduce wiring, visual management
Easy to expand, custom development, perfect interaction
and so
Are you ready to start such an audio and video solution?

Who is Createk ?

Createk is a national high-tech company that integrates software, hardware, research, development, production and sales, and is committed to smart education product solutions and audio and video image control processing solutions.
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