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Createk Media Solution: This is what the “Central Kitchen” should look like!

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With the wide application of technologies such as digitization and networking, the emerging media represented by the Internet and based on digital technology has developed rapidly, and the integration of traditional media and new media has become an inevitable trend. Recently, Createk also opened the "Central Kitchen" for the fusion media created by a daily newspaper, officially opening up a new work pattern of the daily newspaper "one collection, multi-production, multi-channel communication".


According to statistics, as of the end of 2017, the number of Chinese netizens reached 772 million, with a penetration rate of 55.8%, and the average weekly online time was 27 hours.

Among them, the number of mobile Internet users reached 753 million, and the usage rate reached 97%. It can be seen that the status of mobile phones as the largest Internet terminal is more consolidated.

Source: National Bureau of Statistics, China Business Research Institute

The focus of Internet development has shifted from “widespread” to “deep”, and various network applications have profoundly changed the lives of netizens. In the face of complex communication patterns, the CPC Central Committee vigorously promotes and supports the development of media integration.


In recent years, major newspapers such as People’s Daily, Jiangxi Daily, and Hunan Daily have created “central kitchens”. With the rapid development of information technology and the Internet, the new media era has arrived, and the integration of traditional media and new media has become an inevitable trend.

Recently, Createk has created a “central kitchen” solution for collection, command, analysis and assessment of a daily newspaper, including control center, display area, multimedia studio, video conference room and other places.


Createk LCD splicing screen takes on all the information display tasks of “Central Kitchen”. The daily published manuscripts are placed on the splicing screen, and the “newspaper” is presented in a splicing and ultra-high definition (UHD) manner. The consistent, clear image quality and vivid color performance created by high contrast and high brightness attracts the audience and enhances. Information delivery effectiveness.

In addition, Createk splicing screen also realizes the centralized display of computer graphic information and video signals of various monitoring systems of “Central Kitchen”, real-time display of newspaper webpage content, etc., and can also be used for holding meetings or training.


Control systems play an important role in important events such as daily operations and superior inspections.

In the selection of the “Central Kitchen” splicing controller of the daily newspaper, Createk has configured the Createk CK5 series full HD after considering various aspects such as system reliability, stability, flexibility and image processing effects. Digital image controller.

In combination with the actual situation of the daily newspaper, the control center will centrally control the splicing screen, audio control, lighting and other equipment and facilities to realize the display on a iPad in a graphical interface, with clicks, slides, etc.


At present, the “Central Kitchen” of the daily newspaper has been launched, and the new work pattern of “one-time collection, multi-production, multi-channel communication” has officially opened.

Createk's “Central Kitchen” solution helped the newspaper to achieve resource integration, publicity and mutual benefit.
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