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Good News ! Createk won the second prize of Shenzhen Science and Technology Progress Award

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On January 25th, the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee announced the winners of the “2018 Shenzhen Science and Technology Awards Five Awards”. Shenzhen Createk Intelligent Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Createk Intelligent) declared the "Alpha Intelligent Algorithm Based Extreme Display Writing System" project won the "Science and Technology Progress Award Second Prize".


The five categories of Shenzhen Science and Technology Awards are the Mayor Award, the Natural Science Award, the Technology Invention Award, the Science and Technology Progress Award and the Youth Science and Technology Award.

The Science and Technology Progress Award is a reward given to individuals and individuals who have made important contributions to the advancement of science and technology.

In 2018, Shenzhen Science and Technology Progress Awards won a total of 59 projects, and Createk Intelligent's "Alpha Intelligent Display Algorithm Based on Alpha Intelligent Algorithm" won the "Second Prize for Science and Technology Progress".

The same batch of award-winning enterprises include well-known leading enterprises in various industries such as Huawei, Zhongxing, Dazu, Skyworth, Dajiang and EVOC.

Shenzhen "Science and Technology Progress Award Second Prize" evaluation standard

(1) There are major innovations in technology, technical difficulties, and the overall technical level and major technical and economic indicators have reached the domestic advanced level.
(2) The degree of transformation of results is relatively high, which has a greater effect on the technological progress and industrial restructuring of the industry, and has created greater economic benefits.


The award-winning project "Alpha Intelligent Display Algorithm Based on Alpha Intelligent Algorithm" was developed to meet the needs of the current education market.

Using the Android platform to implement the hardware whiteboard function, the hardware platform and the whiteboard application can be truly combined to maximize the performance advantages of the Android platform. At the same time, it is more stable and easy to use than other pure software whiteboard applications.

The company's Alpha intelligent algorithm's extremely fast display writing system is leading the industry in its technology, which is embodied as:
· Based on the underlying framebuffer frame buffer technology, combined with the application layer whiteboard software to let the writing notes directly to the display, the writing speed is far ahead
· Combine surfaceflinger display system technology and alpha algorithm to realize fast movement of eraser and small change of line in erased area
· Based on android to implement whiteboard software functions, so that teachers can go to class without a computer.
· Write notes and labels in any channel of the all-in-one machine for easy lectures
· Seamlessly connect android system and Opswindows system through mcu
· Combine surfaceflinger display system technology and Cohen-Sutherland algorithm to achieve fast erase of eraser and small change of line in erased area
· One-on-one board book notes, one-click scan code sharing, download at any time, view anywhere

The results of the project have obtained 68 relevant certifications and appraisals. In terms of intellectual property rights, it has applied for and obtained 6 invention patents, 2 utility model patents, 1 appearance patent, and 13 copyrights. Among them, 9 patents have been authorized, and 13 copyrights have been issued.


At present, Createk Intelligent “Alpha Intelligent Display Algorithm Based on Alpha Intelligent Algorithm” has been applied in products such as Createk intelligent hardware interactive tablet and CKPAD intelligent conference tablet.

Project products use a number of patented technologies to achieve multiple first in the industry
· Original writing and display technology to achieve the fastest speed in the industry
· No need for computer with infrared multi-touch to achieve the same signal when marking, storage printing and other functions
· Unique smart gestures for erasing, roaming, etc.
· Embedded USB driver module friendly support touch control of different operating systems to achieve seamless conversion of multiple systems

The project products have been successfully sold with the reliability, accuracy, ease of use and intelligence of the hardware products, as well as the user's stickiness (including high compatibility, versatility, practicability, etc.) in the tool application software. To more than 30 provinces and cities in the country, as well as the United States, South Korea and other overseas countries. Covers wisdom education, office training, digital exhibition halls and other fields.


This time, Createk Intelligent won this award, which is a great affirmation of our company's technology and a proof of our strength.

As a national high-tech company integrating software R&D, production and sales, it is committed to intelligent education product solutions and video and audio image control processing solutions. For many years, it has always been "innovative technology, creating wealth". The business philosophy is to develop a series of products that meet the needs of the times.

In the future, Createk Intelligent will continue to put independent innovation in the first place, improve the scientific and technological innovation system, enhance independent research and development capabilities, keep up with the development of the times, practice the national strategy, and strive to provide customers with better products and services.
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