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Customer-centric, customer service丨The 5th anniversary of East Zhonghua Gate project

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Since ancient times, "the wealth of the world is from the southeast, and Jinling is the meeting", Nanjing is also the capital of the ten dynasties, with a profound cultural heritage. The old town of the old city in history is one of the most developed areas of commercial and residential development in Nanjing. Now it is rebuilt according to the traditional style, focusing on the display of traditional culture and reappearing the original appearance of the old city.

The ancient archway was unveiled in the northern boundary of the Mendong area. The square was written with the words "East Zhonghua Gate". The old gate starts from Changle Road in the northeast, reaches the Ming City Wall in the south, Jiangning Road in the east, and the Inner Qinhuai River in the Zhonghuamen Castle section in the west.

Referring to the Ming City Wall of the Old Gate East, friends in Nanjing still remember the World Cup event that was watched in the background of the Ming City Wall five years ago? The "big screen" is 1,000 square meters. It was the largest and most unique viewing screen in the country, attracting many people to watch the ball.

This is the country's largest ball-watching screen, using 16 projectors with the Createk smart CK4MX super-resolution multi-window edge fusion processor (hereinafter referred to as CK4MX multi-screen fuse) unique 2 * 4 double layer overlay technology to make the image complete presentation, The total input resolution is 4096*1630, and the output resolution is 1400*1050.Createk Smart has tailored the project to a customized version of the CK4MX multi-screen fuse that meets the customer's actual needs.

Five years ago technical commissioning site map

CK4MX multi-screen fuse is a powerful high-end image processing device, which can switch between plane signals and stereo signals, and realize flat and stereo window superimposition. It is mainly used in large-screen projection fusion display system, which is the core of the system. Display control device.

In addition, the technology applied by the device "synchronization method for stereo and flat image mixed signal development on a large screen" has been authorized by the national invention patent.

In terms of function, CK4MX multi-screen fuser supports arbitrary shape curved mesh format correction, high-definition multi-window point-to-point display, screen rotation, super-large projection fusion system, various special effects without black screen switching and many other functions.

In September of this year, Createk intelligent technicians inspected and maintained the “East Zhonghua Gate” project five years ago. Through this CK4MX multi-screen fuse, more visitors have learned about Nanjing culture. In the blink of an eye, she still adheres to the "job responsibilities" and conveys Nanjing culture to more tourists.

The inspection and maintenance, the quality of service of the technical staff has been highly valued by customers. They have truly achieved "customer center, customer service". It is also because of their existence that Chuangkai Intelligent can confidently promise customers 24/7 service guarantee, so that customers have no worries.
East Zhonghua Gate Historical Culture Block
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