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Createk hardware interactive tablet, leading the new experience in the classroom

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cene one

Xiao Kai: Today, there are leaders to attend classes. Why don’t you use PPT to demonstrate?

Lao Chuang: Don't mention it, I did the PPT that I stayed up late yesterday, and the projector was temporarily out of order.

Scene two

Xiaokai: Stepping into the era of education informationization 2.0, the traditional blackboard and chalk should be eliminated soon!

Lao Chuang: I have been teaching people with blackboards and chalk for decades. I am most worried about computer operations.

Scene three

Lao Chuang: It’s getting more and more boring in the current class. More than 50% of the students are distracted and don’t know what you are talking about.

Xiao Kai: My class is the same, but this can't blame the students. There is too little interaction in the class.

Lao Chuang: Yes, I heard a student complain yesterday, saying that when we are teachers, we know how to write a class.

Xiaokai: Nowadays, the pressure to go to school is so great. How can there be so many time interactions? I don’t want to give them more knowledge!

Scene four

Xiaokai: Have you heard that? XX School replaced the blackboard in the classroom with the Createk hardware interactive tablet.

Lao Chuang: Well, it is said that students are much more efficient in class!

Xiaokai: If our school also puts on the Chuangkai hardware interactive tablet...

Lao Chuang: The problems we discussed in the past few days can be solved. The Createk hardware interactive tablet operation is simple and convenient, and we do not have to worry about learning.

Createk  hardware interactive tablet project case (part)





Createk Tablet is a new and unique multi-functional integrated device developed by shenzhen Createk Intellitech Co., Ltd.

It can realize writing and touching directly on the electronic tablet with a writing pen or a finger, which is more advanced than the traditional whiteboard and has better demonstration effect.

It has been widely used in education and teaching, corporate meetings, commercial display and various types of integrated platform touch.
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