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The third period of the 丨Createk project case set

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With the rapid growth of social information, people's demand for information visualization has also increased dramatically. The information displayed by a single display device is far from satisfactory for market needs, such as large conference centers, exhibition halls and other places. Therefore, a series of products such as a large screen splicing controller and an edge fuse are produced.

As a high-tech company specializing in R&D and application of graphic image technology and LCD interactive tablet, Createk has always been committed to providing quality solutions for various industries. The following are some of our recent project cases.
No.1 Sino-German Ecological Park Double Innovation Center

The Sino-German Ecological Park Shuangchuang Center Project in Huangdao Development Zone of Qingdao City adopts Chuangkai Intelligent CK4MH series edge fusion device for exhibition display. The projectors are integrated into each other to achieve the ultimate fusion effect.
No.2 Zhengzhou Port Area

The Zhengzhou Port Area project uses Createk CK5 series full HD digital image controller CK5A for exhibition. According to the actual needs of the user, 4×16 splicing can be configured to achieve independent control of each screen. The final rendering effect has been well received by customers.
No.3. Xu Ji Electric

Xu Ji Electric project uses Createk CK4MX series super large resolution multi-window fusion processor, applied to Xu Ji Electric exhibition hall. Support multiple devices to cascade, greatly increase system capacity, and ensure synchronization and stability between systems.
No.4 Junlin Hotel

Southern Junlin Hotel is located in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing. The project uses Createk CK4MH edge fusion image controller to realize the ultimate picture of the projector's mutual image integration, bringing high-definition visual enjoyment.

2-channel short-throw projector is hardened after correction
In addition, the CK4MH edge-blended image controller adopts a full hardware DSP architecture and is modular in design to support hot swapping of system processing modules. It provides guarantee for system reliability, real-time and flexibility.

No.5 Little Three Gorges Tourist Terminal

The Xiaosanxia Tourism Terminal project uses Createk CK4MH edge fusion image controller to realize multi-channel high-definition signal display at the same time, without delay or tear. The whole machine adopts all-digital internal channel to achieve high-fidelity picture quality and excellent fusion effect.

At the same time, CK4MH can also achieve multi-screen fusion and free switching of a single display. The user can select multiple integrated large screens, or select the energy saving mode to open only one projector and display the image content.
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