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CK-MC Series Matrix: A Municipal Civil Defense Bureau Project

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About civil air defense
The civil air defense referred to as civil air defense is a measure and action taken by the government to mobilize and organize the masses to guard against enemy air attacks and eliminate the consequences.
It combines with local air defense and field air defense to form a national air defense system, which is an important part of modern national defense.

About matrix
The matrix refers to an electronic device that arbitrarily outputs m video signals to an n-channel monitoring device by means of array switching.

The rapid development of information technology has enabled the information network to expand in the military field. At the same time, the combat style and battlefield environment have also undergone revolutionary changes.

During the war, the Civil Defense Bureau shouldered the heavy responsibility of wartime air defense. In peacetime, the Civil Defense Bureau is responsible for disaster prevention, disaster prevention, and disaster relief. Therefore, it is especially important for the Civil Defence Bureau to establish a unified, efficient, stable and reliable command and dispatch system with multiple capabilities.

Recently, a city's Civil Defense Bureau project was completed, and the project adopted the Chuangkai Smart CK-MC series hybrid matrix.

Createk  CK-MC Series is a hybrid matrix that provides a one-stop solution for video signal acquisition, processing and switching in multiple formats in various industries.

Advanced "DVI-X" interface technology is used to capture high-resolution digital signals such as DVI and HDMI. It is also compatible with analog signal inputs such as VGA, YPbPr, S-video, and CVBS.

A city's Civil Air Defense Bureau project uses the Chuangkai intelligent CK-MC series hybrid matrix to realize a full-format signal undifferentiated mixed input of one interface, and the maximum scale supports 144*144.

The screen transitions smoothly, no black screen is displayed, and the switching time is less than 5 milliseconds.
Seamless switching

Power supply hot backup, fan and other modules are replaced at will. The system handles hot swapping of modules.

Pure hardware architecture, any combination of boards

In addition, it also supports character labeling, arbitrary switching of output resolution, and intermixing of various interface boards.

It meets the requirements of the Civil Defence Bureau for uniform, efficient, stable and reliable command and dispatch systems.

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