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Createk two invention patents are authorized

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Recently, the company obtained two invention patent certificates of “Video/Audio Signal Channel Switching Device” and “Video Display Method and Device” issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.

Video/Audio Signal Channel Switching Device

The invention discloses a video/audio signal channel switching device, which makes the signal a pair of CML format differential signals during transmission, thereby greatly reducing the design difficulty of the differential signal trace of the corresponding PCB and greatly reducing the matrix exchange. The number of differential signal I/O ports of the module.

Video Display Method and Apparatus

The invention discloses a video display method and a video device. A display matrix is shared by each display terminal, and an interface for collecting video signals is shared, which reduces the cost, and can output a video signal according to different occasions.

The two invention patents have been widely applied to the company's CK7, CK4MH, CK4MX, CK4PV5, CK5A, CKMC and other products, which makes the product more advantageous in function and brings a better user experience. At present, related products are used in many fields such as advertising display, command and control, and security monitoring.

Createk Intellitech combines rich practical solutions with advanced technology to achieve perfect audio and video display, and ultimately bring customers a sense of immersiveness.


Since its inception, Shenzhen Createk Intellitech Co., Ltd.has always adhered to "innovative technology, creating wealth" as its business philosophy, and adheres to "independent research and development, independent innovation."

In the course of many years of development, the company has always placed the independent innovation of the company in the first place, continuously strengthening the awareness of intellectual property rights, improving the scientific and technological innovation system, and improving the independent research and development capabilities and levels.

At present, the company has hundreds of invention patents, PCT international patents and software copyrights and independent trademarks related to video image processing and education informationization.

The acquisition of the patent certificate is an affirmation of the company's ability to innovate and is also a manifestation of the company's core competitiveness.

In the future, Createk Intellitech will continue to adhere to “independent R&D and independent innovation”, increase the construction of innovative enterprises, and develop more advanced technologies.
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