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Createk Intellitech (871106) completed 30 million yuan financing to develop smart education market

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In September 2017, Createk Intellitech (871106), a leading enterprise in the field of interactive image display in education, announced that it has completed the financing of RMB 30 million. Chuangkai Smart is listed on the New Third Board. The price of this issue is RMB 16.20 per share. After this round of financing, Chuangkai Smart Valuation was 390 million RMB. This round of financing was jointly invested by the National SME Development Fund (Jiangsu) and China Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

Lin Chunyu, chairman of the company, said: “Createk Intelligent’s capital increase has been favored by the National SME Development Fund and China’s venture capital company. The Ministry of Finance has become our indirect shareholder, and it is the image display and wisdom of Chuangkai for many years. Recognized in the field of education. China's three major sunrise industry education, medical care and pensions are closely related to information technology such as display control. The company began to enter the field of education informatization five years ago and experienced different stages of entry, foothold and development. Driven by information technology, new teaching methods around VR, 3D and artificial intelligence applications are emerging, providing a unique opportunity for companies that have accumulated rich technology in the field of image display control. The financing is for the company in this field. The R&D investment provides sufficient financial security."

Chen Zhihe, the investment director of Yida Capital, said: “Createk is an excellent technology-based enterprise. Since our investment last year, the company's development has reached and exceeded expectations. As an investor, we are very happy to cooperate with such a reliable team. Together with the national small and medium-sized funds and China Venture Capital, Chuangkai will make a second capital increase, hoping to help Chuangkai seize market opportunities and grow better and faster!"

The National SME Development Fund is a fund set up by the State Council with a capital contribution of 15 billion yuan and operated by a market-oriented model. It focuses on investing in technology-based, innovative and growth-oriented SMEs. Yida Capital, the core enterprise of Jiangsu Hi-Tech Investment Group, is one of the managers of the fund. The SME Development Fund (Jiangsu) will focus on SMEs in the fields of medical health, clean technology, modern services, advanced manufacturing and new materials, culture, information technology, etc., especially those that represent the future direction of industrial development and have growth potential. Innovative and growing SMEs solve their development bottlenecks by providing capital appreciation services. The Yida Capital Management Team has established a total of 74 differently positioned equity investment funds with a management capital of 75.5 billion yuan and a total investment of 665 start-ups, helping 117 of them successfully landed in domestic and overseas capital markets.

Mr. Zhang, the head of China Venture Capital's project, said: "Smart education has ushered in unprecedented opportunities for development in the global big data era. Coupled with the development and application of artificial intelligence technology, there will be many explosive growth opportunities in the future of smart education and multi-screen interaction. China Venture Capital has always attached great importance to investment in education and new technology. By investing in innovation, we will help the company to develop rapidly, so that wisdom education can finally benefit the global basic education and vocational college education market. This is the perfect education and technology. Convergence."

China Venture Capital Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company specializing in venture capital initiated by the Central Committee of the China Democratic National Construction Association. At that time, he served as the vice chairman of the National People's Congress and the chairman of the Central Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association. He was praised as the "father of China's venture capital" and was directly supported and cared by Mr. Cheng Siwei, a member of the China Construction Association, China Baoan Group, Tongwei Group and other companies. It was formally established in April 2000. China Venture Capital Co., Ltd. has a number of invested companies listed at home and abroad, such as Dongjiang Environmental Protection (002672), Dinghan Technology (300011), Huangshi Dairy (002329), Helong Technology (300477), Dinglong Chemical (300054) , Tiehan Ecology (300197) and so on.

Createk Intellitech is a high-tech company that integrates R&D, production and sales of software and hardware, focusing on graphic image technology and LCD interactive tablet development and application. In the field of image display control processing technology and hardware-based interactive touch intelligent technology, smart education cloud platform, large-scale space-based VR/3D display processing, etc., with industry leading position, mainly for audio and video integrators, educational institutions to sell audio and video Product solutions and teaching terminal solutions based on the Smart Education Cloud Platform. Chuangkai's 2014-2016 revenues were 110 million
149 million, 1.9 billion, net profit of 8,764,200, 1,03,31,100, and 1,186,800.

Power 3D, VR experience wisdom teaching

With the continuous increase of government and capital investment, the scale of the education industry will maintain a rapid growth trend. According to Deloitte's analysis, it is estimated that in 2020, the scale will reach 2.9 trillion yuan and the CAGR will reach 12.7%. The good development of the industry also brings huge investment opportunities for participants. The state’s investment in the education industry has also continued to grow. In 2015, the total investment in education in China was 361.129 billion yuan, an increase of 10.13% over the previous year. The state's fiscal education funds were 292.145 billion yuan, an increase of 10.60% over the previous year's 264.258 billion yuan, accounting for 4.26% of GDP.

Createk Intellitech (871106) has more than 10 years of experience in the field of image display. Combined with the application of electronic whiteboard in modern education construction, the company has creatively launched 3D and VR multimedia intelligent classroom education and teaching applications. The company focuses on basic education in primary and secondary schools. Vocational education in the field of university development. Based on image processing technology, it is based on the platform construction of educational information-based intelligent integrated solutions, and conducts business around differentiated smart education technologies. At present, Chuangkai has combined the latest virtual reality VR technology with active 3D projection and information interactive display technology to present original and incomprehensible textbook knowledge in an intuitive and vivid three-dimensional image, such as chemistry, biology, physics, geography, etc. Multiple disciplines allow students to get close to "intimate contact" and experience learning.

Createk Intellitech won the bid for 88.92 million education contracts and deepened the wisdom education market

On June 15,Createk Intellitech (871106) received the bid-winning notice of the Horqin Left-wing Zhongqi Compulsory Education Balanced Development Equipment Procurement Project, with a winning bid of 881.9195 million yuan. As a leading pioneer in the domestic video image processing field and LCD interactive tablet, Chuangkai will focus on Banbantong solutions, campus large-screen splicing interactive display solutions, 3D intelligent teaching integrated solutions, and dual-player live classroom solutions. The field of “wisdom education” solutions continues to develop and deepen the field of wisdom education.

In the application of education in primary and secondary schools and vocational colleges, Createk Intellitech breaks the model of teachers in traditional classrooms. Through the use of 3D education and VR education, the teaching mode is improved from the content, so that students can immerse themselves to learn relevant knowledge. Improve students' interest in learning. Cai Lixin, general manager of Chuangkai Intelligent, said: “Chuangkai Intelligent is based on the needs of education, the development of education, the use of the latest technology to improve education, and create an efficient ecological classroom space.” With smart education technology, big data applications With the rapid development, teaching tools and teaching methods are becoming more and more scientific and humanized, the introduction of the overall solution of smart education, the average distribution of educational resources in different regions, the integration and facilitation of education will play a core acceleration. The role will quickly promote the healthy development of China's education industry.

For the future development of the company, Lin Chunyu, the chairman of Createk Intelligent, said that Createk Intellitech will continue to dig deep into the combination of image display technology and education content market, and continuously develop a new type of teaching interaction mode. At the same time, it will use a variety of technology display means, targeted Increasing the development investment of VR courseware, especially the understanding experience of difficult knowledge points, is a key point in the development of VR courseware, and completes the preemptive layout for this field as soon as possible. At the same time, we will increase investment in research and development, and provide the most advanced technical support for the performance, function and quality of the company's products through the research and development of new products and the improvement of the functions of the old products.

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