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Createk Smart Wisdom Class Card Education Informationization 2.0 Era's Preferred Solution

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The Outline of the National Medium- and Long-Term Education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020) clearly states:
Incorporate education informatization into the overall strategy of national informatization development, and by 2020, basically establish an educational informatization system covering all types of schools in urban and rural areas.

Education informatization continues to develop, and at the same time it is experiencing the transition from digital campus to smart campus. More educational institutions have joined the ranks of smart campus construction, and the wisdom education management platform has also been recognized by many schools and educational institutions.

Createk smart wisdom class was born.

Createk Smart Class Card is a comprehensive management and communication platform integrating teachers, students, parents and management. Realized the zero-distance communication between teachers, parents and students, and the campus information was released in real time. And it has multimedia teaching resources such as network synchronization teaching, playing the teacher's own courseware materials, teacher lectures, student works and other teaching sources.

The smart class system consists of four parts.

Smart class terminal

Support multiple network access methods.
Support free split screen, the background can be customized version. The screen area is freely delineated and supports different forms of independent playlists.

Smart Card Management System
The split screen template can simultaneously play audio, video, pictures, text and other information combinations to achieve any position and adjustment of video, picture and text.

Information security, role control, unaudited program system will not play. Information is templated and customized, easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to scale.

Education informatization is an important indicator to measure the level of education development in a country and region.

On the occasion of the era of education informationization 2.0, Createk Intelligent continues the business philosophy of “innovating technology and creating wealth”, insists on independent innovation, and strives to contribute to the national education.
Based on the Windows operating system.
It can be installed in the campus network center, or it can be set up in the Education Bureau's private cloud server to serve multiple schools.
It can realize the management of class license rights, content management, and smart class management.

Class card system service center

Support attendance check-in function, electronic curriculum, urgent news release, quick release information, touch interaction.

Home-school interactive platform

Based on WeChat, the platform provides intelligent school management functions to school authorities and parents.
Services can be provided by the school public number to support two-way communication between parents and students.
Support attendance check-in, dynamic class display and query, test mode, docking school's existing information system, home-school interaction, centralized control and management, multi-network support capabilities, real-time information release.
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