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The 72nd Education Equipment Exhibition Chuangkai brings you a different wisdom education

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Sponsored by China Education Equipment Industry Association, hosted by the Fujian Provincial Department of Education, the 72nd China Education Equipment Exhibition co-organized by the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and the Education and Equipment Industry Association of the cities listed in Fuzhou Strait International on May 7-9, 2017. The convention center was held grandly. Li Weihong, deputy director of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and director of the next generation committee of the Ministry of Education, Liu Bin, former deputy director of the State Education Commission, honorary president of the China Education Equipment Industry Association, and Wang Fu, president of the China Education Equipment Industry Association, attended the meeting.

Since its inception in 1980, China Education Equipment Exhibition has successfully held 71 sessions. It is a professional exhibition, brand exhibition and traditional industry event with extensive influence in China's education field. More than 1,200 units participated in the exhibition, with more than 100,000 participants.

Createk Intelligent brought high-tech educational equipment, new products and new technologies to the exhibition. This time, the CKPAD Banbantong solution, integrated interactive recording solution, multi-discipline VR3D virtual reality inquiry classroom solution, and dual-player live classroom solutions were highlighted. In order to better facilitate visitors to learn more about the latest solutions, each of Chuangkai's exhibition areas has a professional explanation of the flow of personnel to meet the Q&A needs of visitors.

Staff patiently explain

On-site quality teaching resources display

3D teaching and VR teaching products have attracted many viewers to visit and have received many praises and recognitions.

The design concept of Createk multi-disciplinary VR3D virtual reality inquiry classroom is to create an ecological classroom space with more fun, more students, more content, more flexible management, easier teachers, and more efficient teaching.

The seventy-second China Education Equipment Exhibition has been successfully completed, and Chuang Kai intelligence will continue to advance in the fertile soil of the education. It will create a better tomorrow with scientific and technological innovation and wisdom to create a better future for education and teaching.
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