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Createk 3D multimedia classroom detonated the first Yunnan Education Equipment Exhibition

From:澳门百老汇游戏网址  Date:2017-05-20  Views:1505

On May 20th, 2017, the first Yunnan Education Equipment Exhibition was successfully held in the beautiful Spring City. On the first day of the exhibition, Chuangkai attracted the enthusiastic attention of everyone. The crowds were crowded and the crowds came and went.

 The most striking thing on the scene is of course the 3D multimedia classroom of Chuangkai. The audience watched the 3D video courseware and experienced the 3D interactive teaching. The 3D intelligent teaching system has built-in rich courseware resources. The courseware combines the difficult focus of the book knowledge with the abstract concept and the reality in life, and presents it in 3D form, presenting a different interesting class.

Createk 3D intelligent classroom can reflect the knowledge content more stereoscopically and intuitively. It can make students more focused and interesting to learn independently, and can help teachers prepare lessons and assist teachers. In addition, Chuangkai's 3D intelligent classrooms are mostly derived from life (for example, photosynthesis of plants, soil formation, respiratory system, etc.), which is more conducive to students' exploration and ideas of subject knowledge.

The first day of the exhibition has been successfully concluded. At the same time, we welcome the educators to visit the 60407 booth at the Kaikai booth tomorrow. We are waiting for you!
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