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Createk helps China Commercial Aircraft to build an intelligent manufacturing center

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Background of the project:

The aerospace industry is a strategic industry of a country, and also an important symbol of a country's technological and economic strength and its industrialization level. The major developed countries in the world have strong aerospace industry. It is not only an important force for the sustained economic development of these countries, but also an important support for their national defense strength. With the growing strength of the whole economy, the aerospace industry is becoming an important strategic industry and a powerful guarantee force for national defense modernization. Under the new international situation, the development of aerospace industry is not only of great significance to the sustained and healthy development of China's economy, but also of strategic significance to the development of China's national defense modernization.
China commercial flying company is the main body of the large-scale aircraft project in the national large-scale aircraft project. It is also the main carrier for the development of the trunk and branch aircraft and the realization of the industrialization of civil aircraft in China. It mainly engaged in the research, production and test flight of civil aircraft and related products, and engaged in the sale and service of civil aircraft. Related business such as leasing and operation. The large passenger plane is the concentrated embodiment of the comprehensive strength of a country's industrial and technological level, which is praised as "the flower of modern industry" and "a pearl of modern manufacturing".

China's Shang Fei company is set up by the national dream of the century and the strategy of the country. It shoulders the will of the country and carries the dream of the nation and the heavy trust of the people. It is the sacred mission of China's large aircraft to soar the blue sky, summon and inspire all the staff of China commercial flying company to integrate the pursuit of life and value goals into the unremitting struggle for the cause of the large passenger plane. The successful development and commercial success of the aircraft project have led to the development of China's economy and technology and made China's aviation industry move forward to a higher level.

Project overview:
Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an aircraft assembly and manufacturing center affiliated to Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, a large state-owned enterprise. This Chuang Kai takes the actual demand as the starting point, based on the concept of convenience and efficiency, to help the general assembly manufacturing center of Shang Fei company. The project uses Chuang Kai CK4MX super resolution multi window edge fusion processor, input signal: 14 VGA signal, 2 AV signal. Output signal: 3 VGA signal, 2 VGA signal (2 TV set, resolution 1920*1200). All the input signals can be magnified, narrowed, cross screen or full screen display all the functions of roaming, superposition and scaling of all the signal windows in any position, which can be displayed with a EPSON projector. Perfect meet the application needs of the aircraft manufacturing center.

Project characteristics:

1、Support for orthodontic function of arbitrary shape surface network format
Using the latest image correction technology, the grid can be generated by itself. Many adjustment points and multiple center points in the projection area can be set at each side. Without considering the flatness of the screen, the image correction is carried out on the surface of the special shape to achieve the uniform and consistent content and the complete display effect.
2、Support HD multiple window point to point display
It supports high-definition signal input and output, and can customize ultra high resolution perfect display for users. The resolution can reach N * M, N=1920*n (column), M=1080*m (line), thus realizing point to point display function and providing perfect and meticulous image display for users.
3、Support screen rotation
The function of image rotation can be realized. The fusion device can adjust the display direction of the picture and support rotation at 90 degree, 180 degree and 270 degree to meet the requirements of the display direction in different display environments.

4、Support super large multiple projection fusion system
Support multiple equipment cascade work. The CK4MX fusion controller introduces the cascade function of the device, which greatly increases the capacity of the system and ensures the synchronization and stability between the various systems.

5、Support for a variety of special effect switching effects, no black screen switching
Support seamless switching, different signal switching without black screen, switching mode self selection; according to the needs and different use of the different switching effects, including fade in and out from the middle to the right, from the middle to four around the nine switching effects.

6、Support network IP flow input
Using the modular independent hardware structure, the signal acquisition board and signal output board can be selected according to the signal needs. The input signals include HDMI, DVI, CVBS, VGA, SDI, YPbPr component signals and IP stream network signals.

7、Support extreme color processing technology
By selecting control output brightness, contrast and saturation value through control software or control panel, rich and fine gradation series can be generated. And professional image quality enhancement, image processing function, so that the pale and refreshing picture.
8、Dual link high resolution input and output signal,4K*2K
Dual link dual link input, supports 4K*2K super resolution display, supports any EDID manual modification.
The CK4MX series fusion controller has a powerful processing function that can handle high resolution signals such as 4000*20003840*21603072*768 and can support user defined signals. The original virtual screen display technology tailored for you the perfect display of point to point.


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