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The light of science and technology in the name of the people

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Recently, the anti-corruption drama "The Name of the People", which is the main theme of the melody, has blown up a circle of friends. Since the broadcast, it has become a drama after the meal. The most attractive point of this drama is the use of details and real events. "Pen painting" outlines the classic character plot, successfully shaping the flesh-and-blood officials and the political ecosystem they are in. The drastic anti-corruption plot made this drama the most successful anti-corruption drama in modern times, and truly disclosed the political officialdom, which was popular among the public!

Of course, Xiao Bian is also deeply immersed in it. The first thing to get off work every day is to chase the "people's name". It is found that the most exposed face in the drama is the LCD splicing screen. Speaking of this, Xiao Bian can not bear the small joy of the heart, the big screen splicing system in the drama is actually real, such as the Da Kang secretary meeting place and Rui Jin secretary inspecting places and other large screens are all from Nanjing Xian Electronics Co., Ltd. is designed and installed, in which the splicing processor and software are provided by our company (Createk)!

The picture shows the scenario in the play

The picture shows the scene installation scene

The conference center is the 117 conference room of Nanjing Hongtu Sanbao International Conference Center. It adopts Chuangkai CK7 high-definition digital control integrated machine. Input: 20 HDMI, 8 DVI, 6 VGA, 20 AV, 142 output signals A total of three splicing walls, two 3×17 splicing on the left and right, 4×10 splicing in the middle, and the screen can be rotated by 270° for splicing. The site is made up of two 23U machines. The system has excellent image processing functions, supports various resolution signals of 1920×1200@60Hz and below, and customized super-large resolution signal display, which can realize multi-splicing wall display control.

Multi-platform mobile client wireless control for mobile reporting
It can realize the computer signal in the local area network, through the network display function, the push-side software pushes the signal to the control end display, and the control end can synchronize the real-time touch operation, and the system supports the windows platform and the cross-operating platform mobile terminal to quickly cut in, such as android, Ios, Linux and other smart tablets;

Compatible with a wide range of analog and digital signals
It can be compatible with all analog and digital signals on the market at the same time, such as: Video, YPbPr, VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI, IP streaming, etc. Built-in full HD digital switching hub, using multiple output modules, can simultaneously access LCD splicing Screen, projector fusion display and send card with full color LED display.

System topology

The picture shows the scenario in the play

The picture shows the scene installation scene

The 3*16 splicing in the play uses Chuangkai CK4PV5 image splicing controller, 25 HDMI input, 48 DVI signal output, each output resolution 1920*1080; the arrangement is 3 rows and 16 columns; all adopt pure hardware architecture, run Stable, can realize any one of the video input signals can be zoomed in any position at any position, cross-screen or full-screen display all the signal window can be roaming, superimposing, zooming and other functions, support CVBS, DVI, HDMI, VGA, SDI, YPbPr, optical fiber, HDbaseT and other common format signals mixed input and output, support high, standard definition digital, analog signals, can achieve seamless real-time switching. Support multi-channel signal picture stitching to achieve higher resolution and large screen. With modular design, it has good stability, reliability and safety, and can perfectly meet the application needs of various film and television centers.
Suitable for different application scenarios
The main function is to divide a complete image signal into N blocks and assign them to N display units (such as LCD/LCOS/DLP/projector) to form a large screen dynamic image display. Applicable to network operation center (NOC), public control center, intelligent traffic management center, processing center, civil or military surveillance system, call center, financial management center, video conference room, etc.

Flexible and convenient operation control system
All output ports can be arbitrarily assigned the output serial number, and the arrangement mode can be arbitrarily combined. The customer can arbitrarily perform screen combination, which greatly facilitates the construction. Any one of the video input signals can be zoomed in, zoomed out, multi-screen or full-screen at any position. The window can be arbitrarily roamed, superimposed, and scaled in the CBD background (no scaling ratio), and the aspect ratio can be adjusted arbitrarily.
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