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2017 Createk Marketing Conference

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On February 24, 2017, the five-day 2017 Shenzhen Createk Intellitech Co., conference came to a successful conclusion. During the meeting, sales personnel and technical service personnel from all regions of the country gathered at the Vienna International Hotel in Shenzhen. Chairman Lin Chunyu and General Manager Cai Lixin attended the meeting.

New starting point
At the meeting, General Manager Cai Lixin gave an opening speech. He expressed gratitude to all the sales and technical staff of the company for their hard work over the past year. He praised the sales performance in 2016 and put forward the marketing ideas and marketing plan for 2017. Mr. Cai encouraged the participants to carefully summarize and analyze the experience of success and failure in 2016. They are not arrogant and continue to work hard to make 2017 a new starting point for further success!

Summary communication
In the next few days, at the summary meeting of the AV sales department and the flat-panel sales department, the two directors Wang Yuexi and Jinlong expressed their gratitude to the sales elite of this department for their unsatisfactory performance and remarkable progress in the past year. . At the same time, it also summarizes the shortcomings of the department, for example, because the resources of various aspects have not reached the optimal configuration, or the salesperson's personal efforts are not enough, resulting in a lower growth rate of individual regions. Looking forward to 2017, the two directors have made detailed sales strategy deployments. They all believe that through the joint efforts of the team, the company's performance will be further improved!
At the exchange meeting, all the sales staff also made a summary report, and conducted a heated discussion on the market situation of the region last year and this year's work plan. Everyone spoke freely, sharing sales experience and skills with personal cases, and the sales elites were full of ambitions. Have confidence in completing the established sales tasks in 17 years!

New product training
In the new product training session, each product manager explained the newly developed products of the company, focusing on various new audio and video products (4K decoder, audio input and output card, distributed processor, visualization platform software, etc.). (the function), business conference tablet, Chuangkai portable recording, smart education platform and VR3D platform products, etc., and analyze and position the market development trend, so that the professional knowledge of all sales personnel can be consolidated and improved, and the company The product has a deeper understanding and more firm confidence. All the technicians were concentrated in the test room of the company headquarters for three consecutive days, intensively training the installation and commissioning of new products, exchange experience on site projects, and assess one by one.

Looking to the future
At the end of the agenda, Chairman Lin Chunyu published a summary and outlook:
“Createk Intelligent is the platform for all Createk people. In 2016, with the joint efforts of all, the new generation of splicing processor product line technology has made a major breakthrough. The integrated machine has formed the production capacity of self-made module, 3DVR intelligent teaching system, accumulated Thousands of courseware resources of various disciplines have been deposited. The company has completely changed its products from fist products, solutions, technology applications, surrounding resources, capital reserves, and strategic orientation.
In 2016, with the help of Yida Capital, the company successfully reached the business objectives set at the beginning of the year and completed all preparations for the listing of the New Third Board;
2017 is the starting point for Createk's smart new and the new starting point for all Chuangkai people. All Chuangkai people must recognize the development of the enterprise in ideology, everyone is responsible, and do their best for the development of Chuangkai intelligence; in daily work, insist that quality is the life of the enterprise, customer-centered, profit is the enterprise The principle of the source of development and welfare.

”In 2017, in order to achieve a broader path in the capital market, the company set a challenging business goal. As a Createk, we have a strategic focus, with the right way and action, together with the sleeves to cheer! ”
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