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Createk won the “2016 Top Ten Brand Awards for Signal Processing”

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      Recently, the results of the “2016 Top Ten Brands of Digital Audiovisual Industry” sponsored by China Digital Audiovisual Engineering Network and “Digital Audio Visual Engineering” magazine have been released. China Digital Audio Visual Engineering Network and Digital Audio Visual Engineering The magazine awarded medals to the winners.

 “2016 Top Ten Brands in Digital Audiovisual Industry” is one of the authoritative awards in the industry and has been successfully held for ten years. This year's selection lasted for more than 60 days. After the anonymous vote of the manufacturers, distributors, engineering companies, terminal customers and media practitioners, the list of primary elections was generated. The authoritative experts of the digital audio-visual engineering industry made product development strengths for the finalists. After the comprehensive evaluation of many indicators such as market share and user satisfaction, the final list was born, and this is undoubtedly the highest affirmation of the comprehensive strength of the award-winning enterprise brand. In the end, Chuangkai Intelligent won the “2016 Top Ten Brand Awards for Signal Processing” with its leading research and development level, advanced technology and good user experience in the audio and video industry.
As a leading pioneer in the domestic video image processing field and LCD interactive tablet, Createk has always been "innovative technology, creating wealth" as its business philosophy, and adheres to "independent research and development, independent innovation". In the course of many years of development, it has always The independent innovation of enterprises is in the first place, continuously strengthening the awareness of intellectual property rights, improving the scientific and technological innovation system, and improving the independent research and development capabilities and levels.

At present, Createk has dozens of invention patents, PCT international patents and software copyrights related to video image processing and educational equipment informationization. It owns its own trademark brand and provides multimedia videos for educational products and fields in various domestic brands. The processed products provide excellent technical solutions. All kinds of image display control devices and hardware interactive tablets developed by Chuangkai Intelligent have been widely used in aerospace, security monitoring, command and control, education and teaching, publicity image, advertising display, media information and other fields. This time, it won the “2016 Top Ten Brand Awards for Signal Processing”, which is also the best verification of the value and influence of Chuangkai’s smart brand.

China Digital Audiovisual Engineering Network and "Digital Audio Visual Engineering" magazine adhere to the concept of a fair and equitable professional third-party industry service platform, adhere to the principle of serving the industry and promoting the development of the industry. The Big Brand Award was awarded to Chuangkai Intelligent, and it is expected that Chuangkai Smart will continue to lead the industry in 2017 and go all the way.
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