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Incredible! Createk won another invention patent!

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    Recently, the company's technological innovations have been well received, and the invention patent of "Method and Integrated Machine with Interactive Display of Writing Contents" was officially authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office. It is following the invention patent of "Adaptive Repair Method of Touch Screen Device and Touch Screen Device". Another important invention patent.

The invention solves the interaction problem between the integrated machines, and has the advantages of fast interaction, good use effect and simple operation. The method for interactively displaying the written content connects a plurality of integrated devices with the interactive display function of the written content to the same local area network and establishes interconnection; generates a valid icon on the UI display interface according to the interconnection information, operates the generated effective icon, and enters the writing Content interaction mode; in the interactive mode, the two sides of the interconnection are set to operate on the same background picture; on the same picture, the two sides of the interconnection interactively display the written content.

 A number of patents including the invention patent have been widely applied to the company's product CK-PAD hardware interactive tablet and supporting integrated management platform, so that the product has more unique functional advantages and a better customer experience. CK-PAD has multiple series according to different functional features, and various sizes are available for customers to choose flexibly. Application of CK-PAD's "Multimedia Recording Application Solution", "Campus Centralized Application Solution", "Remote Conference Application Solution", "Double Screen Interactive Application Solution", "CK-C10 Large Screen Interactive Application Solution" ", "Interactive 3D multimedia intelligent classroom application solutions" and many other cases have covered education, training, business finance, conference and exhibition, municipal people's livelihood and other fields, making CK-PAD quickly become an industry star product.

As a national high-tech enterprise, the company adheres to “independent research and development, independent innovation”, invests heavily in scientific research resources, actively carries out technological innovation work, attaches great importance to intellectual property protection and patent application, and continuously improves employees' awareness of intellectual property protection and independent innovation. . We firmly believe that these scientific research results will continue to promote product innovation and continue to enhance the company's core competitiveness!
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