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[Good News] Createk was awarded the “Enterprise Research and Development Funding Program” funded by the Municipal Science and Technology Commission.

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    Recently, Shenzhen Createk Intellitech Co., Ltd. was awarded the “Enterprise Research and Development Funding Plan” by the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee. The Enterprise Research and Development Funding Plan supports enterprises to establish a research and development reserve system, which is subject to the prescribed expenditures, which is in line with the deduction policy, and belongs to the “high-tech field supported by the state”, based on the actual research and development expenditures of the previous year. Certainly funded.

      The company always regards R&D as the foundation of enterprise development. In recent years, it has continuously increased R&D investment and continuously optimized the input structure. Createk believes that if enterprises want to acquire core knowledge and capabilities, they must increase their investment in R&D, so that enterprises can acquire new technologies, new knowledge and new capabilities, and then develop new products that meet the market demand and have strong competitiveness. It has a good performance in the market and further promotes its own growth.

      After years of technology precipitation, the company's original innovation capability has been rapidly improved, scientific and technological output has been fruitful, and corporate innovation and vitality have been competing, and technological innovation has provided strong support for the growth of enterprises. The company's products have obtained dozens of national invention patents, various series of fusion controllers, splicing controllers, segmentation controllers, LED controllers, matrix, CK-PAD hardware interactive tablet and video and audio integrated management platform, etc. The market is firmly in the lead.
      In the future, the company will continue to vigorously cultivate scientific and technological talents, increase investment in research and development and innovation of science and technology projects, promote development with science and technology, and achieve high innovation.
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