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[Createk Case] Zhejiang International Film and Television Center Project Solution

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Background of the project

      Zhejiang International Film and Television Center is located in Ningwei Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City. It is invested and built by Zhejiang Radio and Television Group. It is a comprehensive cultural and creative industrial park integrating film and television program shooting, broadcasting, post-production, cultural enterprise incubation and animation exhibition tourism. The planned area covers an area of 420 mu. The first phase of the project has a total construction area of 285,000 square meters and a total investment of more than 2 billion yuan. It mainly includes three major architectural groups: the film and television post-production core area, the film and television culture comprehensive service area and the film and television independent production area. Among them, the film and television post-production complex has a total construction area of nearly 190,000 square meters, with a main body height of 42 floors and 218 meters; the film and television cultural service complex has a total construction area of over 90,000 square meters; and the film and television independent production area has 11 independent production buildings. With a construction area of 5,000 square meters, Zhejiang International Film and Television Center is the largest modern radio and television construction project in Zhejiang Province with the largest investment, highest grade and most complete functions.

      The most eye-catching is the film and television production complex. The podium has a minimum of 280m2, a maximum of 2,500m28 studios and various auxiliary service facilities. It has a full-process digital film post-production production line. The largest 2500m2 studio has a net height of 30 meters and the equipment floor is 21 meters high. The height of the sky can be greater than 18.5 meters. The width of the scene is larger than 33 meters according to the 16:9 HD mode. Preset 5+1 channels, each technology control room is spacious and easy to observe and control.

     As the gathering place of Zhejiang film and television post-production industry, Zhejiang International Film and Television Center is not only the training base for film and television post-production talents, the incubation base for film and television post-production enterprises, but also the entrepreneurial service center for film and television post-production enterprises. Whether it is filming, post-production, broadcast, cultural creativity, film and television culture business and investment, etc. can be "one stop." It is not only an important carrier for promoting the development of content-based operations such as film and television animation in Zhejiang Province, but also plays an active role in promoting the construction of Zhejiang's cultural province.

Project Overview

      Zhejiang International Film and Television Center adopts Chuangkai CK5A digital high-definition image splicing processor, totaling: 4 input, 64 output. Input 4 channels of 4K signals (Dual Link for each signal), resolution 3840*2160/60HZ, total resolution 16K, output 64 channels DVI, resolution 1920*1080/60HZ, all adopt pure hardware architecture, stable operation, system It has excellent image processing capability, and can realize any roaming, zooming, multi-screen, full-screen display of all signal windows, such as roaming, superimposing, zooming, etc. at any position. It can support CVBS, DVI, HDMI, VGA. Mixed input and output of all common format signals such as SDI, YPbPr, optical fiber, HDbaseT, etc., support high and standard definition digital and analog signals, enabling seamless real-time switching. Support multi-channel signal picture stitching to achieve higher resolution and large screen. With modular design, it has good stability, reliability and safety, and can perfectly meet the application needs of various film and television centers.

Project Features

1 high reliability, high stability
   Modular independent hardware structure design, equipment power supply, fan, signal acquisition board, signal output board, etc. support hot plug operation, any module failure or abnormality will not affect the normal operation of the entire system. This design minimizes MTTR (mean time to repair) and maximizes MTBF (mean time between failures), which perfectly satisfies users' requirements for system reliability and stability.
2 Digital processing
Full digital path, pure digital signal processing system, input and output signals can be digitally emulated according to the specifications of the specific device interface, but all signals are transmitted purely digitally within the system and can be transmitted over long distances without attenuation. All signal processing, including clipping, scaling, deinterlacing, noise reduction, etc., is done internally.
3Full channel full HD 1080P signal processing
    A common device capable of 1080P HD input and 1080P HD output often compresses the full HD 1080P signal inside the device due to bandwidth limitation, and then amplifies to 1080P output. This series of products is not only a pure digital signal processing system, but also a full-channel full HD 1080P signal processing system. It uses the company's unique distributed control technology to independently process each 1080P input signal. The processing process is always full. HD 1080P signal, no compression.
4Large image processing power
     Powerful data computing and transmission capabilities, data transmission rate of 6.25Gbps, all modular boards use the company's own research and development of chips dedicated to the huge data transmission of the splicing system, completely eradicating the low bandwidth of the multi-screen processor data bus The splicing system displays slow and unstable bottlenecks, giving the multi-screen processor unparalleled display speed.
The multi-screen processor adopts full-cross-scheduling architecture high-speed data transmission technology. The underlying data transmission is controlled by the company's original data scheduling chip technology. Dynamically set point-to-point dedicated data channels for each signal, each channel DVI, HDMI, RGB, video, network The image and video signals are exclusive to their respective dedicated channels for transmission, ensuring that all information of each signal can be displayed in real time, and the signal display speed reaches 60 frames/second. All input channels can smoothly play high-definition dynamic pictures at the same time.
5Flexible and convenient operation control system
     All output ports can be arbitrarily assigned the output serial number, and the arrangement mode can be arbitrarily combined. The customer can arbitrarily perform screen combination, which greatly facilitates the construction. Any one of the video input signals can be zoomed in at any position, zoomed out, cross-screen or full-screen at any position. Any signal window can be arbitrarily roamed, superimposed, scaled (no scaling ratio), the aspect ratio can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the unique CBD area Control, up to 16 windows can be opened on a single screen.
6Input signal character overlay function
      Support input signal character superposition function, can superimpose characters on all input channels, so that customers can grasp the source of display signals in real time.
7Input signal is optional
    You can select different input signal types according to your needs. There are various input cards such as DVI/VGA, YPbPr/AV, AV, DVI, HDMI, DP, HDBaseT, optical fiber, SDI, etc., change the type of input signal, only need to replace the corresponding The board can be used.
In addition, the company's unique DVI-X technology can capture video, YPbPr, HDMI, DVI, VGA, audio and other signals through the DVI interface.

8There is no black field in the distortion.。
     The new generation processor is based on DSP pure hardware architecture and CrossPoint bus processing technology, and further optimizes the hardware code based on chip performance, enabling the chip to achieve optimal performance and achieve seamless switching of true HD signals. The distortion is small and the color is truly restored.
9Signal preview and echo function
    The real-time dynamic picture of the input source can be previewed in advance in the control software, and the same real-time synchronized picture content of the source on the large screen can be browsed in the control software.

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