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Createk CK4MX Power Liangping Planning Exhibition Hall Take you to experience the self-driving helicopter city 3D virtual tour

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Background of the project

     The Urban Planning Exhibition Hall is a rich and vivid display of texts, pictures, photographs, models and multimedia video and audio. It introduces the evolution of the city in a vivid and informative way, shows the achievements of contemporary urban planning and construction, and looks forward to the blueprint for the future development of the city. Focus on the external image of the city, the inherent human temperament, the characteristics of the city, the urbanization process in different historical stages, and enhance the urban cultural quality. It is conducive to strengthening planning and publicizing work, strengthening public participation, creating a good atmosphere for the whole society to abide by the rules and supporting the rules. It is the need of administration according to law and the implementation of “sunshine planning”, which makes the development of the city more embody the concept of “people-oriented” and builds harmony. Society plays an active role.

The Liangping District Planning Exhibition Hall houses an urban electronic sand table, a city planning exhibition area, a special planning exhibition area, a 3D theater, a simulated flight driving experience area, a leisure area and other rich and varied exhibition areas. The layout of the pavilion is reasonable. In addition to the traditional facade wall with LED large screen display, it also incorporates a large number of advanced technology elements. The urban electronic sandbox uses 4D imaging technology to present the city's future planning in three dimensions. Visitors You can also learn about Liang Ping's past and present, future development plans, experience local culture and enjoy the beauty of landscape gardens through 3D cinema and simulated flight driving experience.

       Commissioner to experience flight effects on site

Project Overview:

      The simulation flight driving experience area of Liangping District Planning Exhibition Hall adopts Chuangkai CK4MX super-resolution multi-window edge fusion processor, and inputs 1 channel DVI large resolution 2662*768@60HZ signal. Output 3 channels of DVI, connect 3 Panasonic 7000 lumens projectors on site, resolution 1024*768@60HZ. Visitors can “fly” over Liangping City, and take a bird's eye view of Liangping Airport, Shuangguitang, Shuanggui Lake and Forest Park.
... The high-resolution simulation screens are all beautiful, creating a dynamic real-life experience for visitors, giving people a sense of immersiveness and allowing visitors to really fly a helicopter. Addiction.

Project Features:

Ultra-low image delay and ultra-high synchronization
      The CK4MX fuser uses an excellent internal algorithm to control the time between image switching and display in milliseconds, which is basically imperceptible to the user. More importantly, the system is based on pure hardware technology architecture, and the load of each processing core is not different due to the change of image content, so the channel is not synchronized, which ensures the signal synchronization of the whole image at 60Hz frame rate. . The delay time between the various channels of the final imaging is consistent, 100% guarantees the frame synchronization between the channels, and the overall picture motion is completely consistent.
Excellent color processing and color correction
      The general fusion products on the market, because the design does not take into account the complex diversity of the projector, only the most simple colors of "red, green, blue and white" are used for calibration during debugging, so that the color will be seen during debugging. No problem, but the color becomes abnormal when playing a video or picture.
      Createk CK4MX fuser adopts the professional fusion debugging algorithm to adjust the fusion band during on-site debugging. It has been specially optimized for all kinds of projectors, making the fusion curve smooth and natural. In addition to red, green, blue and white, it also adjusts hundreds of different "composite colors" of different chromaticity and brightness. It can adjust seven different colors in any area without affecting the function. Debugging red, green and blue does not affect white and white. Black picture.
Perfectly solve the transformation problem of cone image
      CK4MX large resolution multi-window edge fusion processor, using internal FPGA + DSP pure hardware architecture for image processing, with excellent hardware foundation, built-in algorithm debugging model customized for Live photo

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