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【Broadcast】Zhejiang International Film and Television Center Project Solution


     Zhejiang International Film and Television Center is located in Ningwei Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, which is invested by Zhejiang Radio and Television Group. It is a comprehensive cultural and creative industrial park integrating film and television program shooting, studio, post-production, cultural enterprise incubation and animation exhibition and tourism. Planning covers an area of 420 mu, a total construction area of 285,000 square meters, a total investment of more than 20 billion yuan, including the film and television production core area, film and television culture integrated service area and film and television production area three building groups. Among them, the film and television post-production complex building a total construction area of nearly 190,000 square meters, the main height of 42 layers of 218 meters; film and television culture service building a total construction area of more than 90,000 square meters; film independent production area has 11 independent production, Construction area of 5,000 square meters, Zhejiang International Film and Television Center is by far the largest in Zhejiang Province, the largest investment, the highest grade, the most full-featured modern radio and television construction projects.


? ? Zhejiang International Film and Television Center with a Kay CK5A digital high-definition image stitching processor, a total of: 4 input, 64 output. Input 4 channel 4K signal (each channel using Dual Link), resolution 3840 * 2160 / 60HZ, the total resolution of 16K, 64-channel output DVI, resolution 1920 * 1080 / 60HZ, are pure hardware architecture, stable operation, the system With excellent image processing capabilities, to achieve any way the video input signal can be any proportion in any position to zoom in, zoom out, across the screen or full screen display all the signal window can be any roaming, overlay, zoom and other functions, support CVBS, DVI, HDMI, VGA , SDI, YPbPr, fiber, HDbaseT and other common format signal mixed input and output, support high, standard definition digital, analog signal, can achieve seamless real-time switching. Support multi-channel signal splicing, to achieve higher resolution large screen. Modular design, with good stability, reliability, security, can perfectly meet the needs of the film and television center applications.


High reliability, high stability: the use of modular independent hardware structure design, equipment power supply, fan, signal acquisition board, signal output board, etc. are supported with hot-swappable operation, any module failure or abnormalities will not affect the entire system The normal operation. This design allows MTTR (average repair time) to achieve the shortest, MTBF (average failure interval) to achieve the longest, perfect to meet the user's system reliability, stability requirements.
Digital processing: All digital channels, pure digital signal processing systems, input and output signals can be digitally modelable according to the specifications of a particular device interface, but all signals are transmitted in the system are purely digital and can be remotely transmission. All signal processing, including cutting, scaling, deinterlacing, noise reduction, etc. are done within the system.
Full-channel full HD 1080P signal processing: 1080P HD input and 1080P HD output of ordinary equipment is often due to bandwidth constraints in the device within the full HD 1080P signal compression processing, and then amplified to 1080P output. This series of products is not only pure digital signal processing system, but also full-channel full HD 1080P signal processing system, which uses the company's unique distributed control technology, each 1080P input signal for independent processing, the process is always the whole HD 1080P signal, without any compression.
Powerful image processing capabilities: a strong data computing and transmission capacity, data transfer rate of 6.25Gbps, all modular boards are used by the company's own research and development specifically used in the huge amount of data transmission system chip, completely eradicate the multi-screen The low bandwidth of the processor data bus causes the splicing system to show slow and unstable bottlenecks, making the multi-screen processor unparalleled display speed. Multi-screen processor with full cross-scheduling architecture High-speed data transmission technology, the underlying data transmission by the company's original data scheduling chip technology control, for each signal dynamically set point-to-point dedicated data channel, each DVI, HDMI, RGB, video, And other images, the video signal exclusive access to their own dedicated channel to ensure that all the information of each signal can be fully real-time display, the signal display speed of 60 frames / sec, all input channels can not limit the number of smooth playback of high-definition dynamic picture.
Flexible and convenient operation control system: all the output port can specify the output serial number, the arrangement mode can be any combination, the customer can arbitrarily screen combination, greatly facilitate the construction. Any video input signal can be arbitrarily proportional to any position in any position to zoom in, zoom out, cross-screen or full screen display all the signal window can be any roaming, overlay, zoom (no zoom ratio limit), aspect ratio can be adjusted, the unique CBD area Control, single screen can open up to 16 windows.
Input signal character overlay function: support for input signal character overlay function, you can all the input channel character overlay, to facilitate customers to grasp the real-time display signal source.
Input signal can be selected: can choose different input signal type, with DVI / VGA, YPbPr / AV, AV, DVI, HDMI, DP, HDBaseT, fiber, SDI and other input board, change the input signal type, Only need to replace the corresponding card can be. In addition, the company's unique DVI-X technology through the DVI interface can be collected video, YPbPr, HDMI, DVI, VGA, audio and other signals.
Distortion No Blackfield: A new generation of processors based on DSP hardware architecture and CrossPoint bus processing technology, and based on chip performance on the hardware code has been further optimized, making the chip can play to the optimal performance, to achieve the true sense of high-definition signal Seamless switching, image distortion is small, true color reproduction.
Signal monitoring function: control software can preview the input signal in advance of the real-time dynamic picture, and support in the control software to browse the signal source on the big screen the same real-time synchronization screen content.


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