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【Exhibition】China Science and Technology Museum project solution


Science and Technology Museum is an important infrastructure to improve public scientific literacy, is an important platform for the public to improve science service. In the national science statistics in science and technology museum refers to the Science and Technology Museum, Science Center, Science Palace named to show the main education, dissemination, popular science science venues.
     The exhibition includes more than 300 items in various fields such as aviation and aerospace, energy and transportation, materials and machinery, information technology, life sciences, environmental science and basic sciences, and more than 250 items of ancient Chinese science and technology achievements. Product design using a large number of film and television technology, optoelectronic technology, virtual reality technology and other modern means of display, focusing on China's national economic development reflects the major areas and new century, the new trend of scientific and technological development. More attention to show the world science and technology development in the forward-looking, oriented new content, as well as high-tech, cutting-edge science popularization.


China Science and Technology Museum, "Science Park", "China Light", "exploration and discovery", "technology and life", "Challenge and the future" five theme exhibition hall, public space display area and the dome theater, giant screen theater, dynamic Theater, 4D theater and other four special effects theater, the exhibition video display system is the most important large-screen integration of the display system.
? ? ? This project uses Chongkai CK4MX large resolution multi-window edge fusion processor, the system has a self-developed cluster-based synchronization software to synchronize each computer directly to the source playback capabilities, support 4K * 2K large resolution display, 17 channels Screen splicing, 6 computer signals input each channel 3840 * 1080 signal, WIN10 computer synchronization play. To achieve a high-resolution large screen, and ultimately reached a perfect fusion display.


Support high-definition multi-window point-to-point display: support high-definition signal input and output, can be customized for ultra-high resolution perfect display, resolution can reach N × M, N = 1920 * n (column), M = 1080 * In order to achieve point to point display, to provide users with the perfect detailed image display.
Support a large number of projection fusion system: support multiple equipment cascade work. CK4MX fusion controller to introduce equipment cascade function, the system capacity greatly increased, while ensuring the synchronization between the various systems and stability issues.
A variety of special-shaped fusion system: its own powerful graphics image processing capabilities, can achieve a variety of special-shaped fusion system, including the hemisphere, dome, folding, dome, Y-screen and so on.
Dual link high-resolution input and output signals, 4K * 2K: Dual link dual link input, support 4K * 2K large resolution display, support any EDID manual modification. Processing powerful, can handle 4000 * 2000,3840 * 2160,3072 * 768 like high-resolution signals, and can support user-defined signal. The original virtual screen display technology tailor-made for your perfect point clear display.
Support a variety of effects switching effect, no black screen switch: support seamless switching, different signal switching is not black, switch mode optional; according to the needs and different occasions to choose different switching effects, including fade, from right to the middle To around and so on a total of nine kinds of switching effect.
Support the ultimate color processing technology: through the control software or control panel to choose to control the output brightness, contrast and saturation values, can produce rich and delicate high gray scale. And a professional picture quality enhanced image processing functions, so that the gray light of the screen a new look.


Xi'an Port Area Planning Hall

Tongzhou Pavilion

Tianjin Zhagu Town Planning Hall

Taiyuan Urban Planning Hall Exhibition Hall

Lishui Planning Museum

China Science and Technology Museum

Qingdao Hisense new research and development center cultural exhibition hall

Liangping Planning Exhibition Hall

Jining Science and Technology Museum

Xingyi Exhibition Hall

Daming Lake Detached House Pavilion

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