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【National Defence】Some people anti-CKMC1414144 installed successfully


Civil defense is an important part of national defense. The task of civil air defense is to mobilize and organize people to take protective measures, fight with air raids, protect people's lives, avoid or reduce the loss of national economy and save the potential of war. Not only wartime can effectively prevent air raids, but also in the modern city construction and socialist economic construction, also plays an important role.


      This project uses Chuang Kai CKMC Merck HD digital matrix, total: 144 input 144 output. By a set of 23U machine ring made.
Input signal: 64-channel DVI input, 16-channel video input, 4-way VGA input, 28-channel HDBase-T input, 32-channel fiber input; Output signal: 100 DVI output, 16 HDBase-T output, 28 optical output.
      The project consists of a matrix acquisition 144 signal input, the first 110 output were given to the visual system and LED processor, LED processor output to the hall LED large screen, after 34 output ring connected to the second matrix alone to 2 * 8 mosaic wall, can achieve a single screen 4 windows and any splicing. Can be achieved through the control of any signal in the splicing wall and hall LED switch on the big screen.


True sense of the four-screen segmentation function Each output channel can choose any 4 input signal, the 4-screen segmentation display, the real meaning of the full signal selection, each screen independent control, location, size can be predefined.
The real meaning of the fade out of seamless switching device internal hardware high-definition signal processing mechanism, high-definition signal switching interval only the human eye can not detect the single frame length. And optional to increase the fade out of the broadcast-level switching effect, to meet the live event switching signal source when the smooth, no black, perfect visual viewing.
Advanced "DVI-X" technology in the local standard digital signal input board HDMI, DVI, 3G-SDI based on the increase based on Chuang Kai signal processing technology from the "DVI-X" technology, its design with "DVI (Y / C), CVBS (Composite Video) and other analog signal input, to achieve high-resolution DVI, HDMI and other digital signals, and compatible with VGA, Y-Pb-Pr (Component Video), S-video (Y / C) All-format signals are mixed with no difference.
HD processing power using advanced data processing core up to 10.2Gps / s to ensure high-resolution signals, including high-definition television signal standard (1920 × 1080 @ 60Hz) in the switching, distribution, transmission without compression, lossless, High-definition display.
Pure digital internal channel built-in advanced digital-analog conversion module, all analog input signal, unified conversion into digital signals, all digital signals through access, into the pure digital internal processing lossless channel, lossless allocation output to the terminal output port.
Resolution front-end adaptive technology for the front of the input signal resolution to automatically detect and real-time display front-end signal source device connection and input status, easy access to a variety of resolution input signal source device. Convenient for users in the use of the front of the signal device full resolution format compatible, greatly facilitate the construction and daily management and application.
Flexible board design input card, output card, internal switch card, control card, fan, power and other major modules are card design. Flexible board design for daily use, maintenance has brought great convenience, replace the faulty components without opening the chassis, you can only remove the fault module can be replaced.
Control software PC-side control software can run perfectly on the Windows operating platform, support Windows 2000 / XP / 7 and other operating systems. Software installation is simple, feature-rich, easy to use. For special functional requirements can be customized or free of charge custom development. And can open the serial code, applicable to any third party control equipment for control.


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Macau Force Range

Zhejiang Zhoushan a force

Anshun Army Reserve Third Division

Zhejiang Armed Police Corps

Guiyang Huaxi Air Force Airport

Ganzhou a force

Dalian Air Force Base

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