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【Finance&Medical】Agricultural Bank of China Project Solutions


Banks belong to the state's key safety precautions. It has the characteristics of diversified scale, important facilities, complex access, and extensive management, especially as the main circulation place of the current social currency, and the important part of the national economic operation. Its business involves a lot of cash, securities and valuables. Its wealth concentration, the characteristics of strong liquidity to make some of the extreme criminals malicious target. Therefore, we must establish a set of effective security monitoring system, the various business areas to monitor.


This project uses a Kay CK4PV5 large screen splicing image controller, 48 HDMI input, 4 VGA input, 48 DVI output. Resolution: 1920 * 1080, the system has excellent image processing capabilities, to achieve higher resolution large screen. Support multi-channel signal splicing, to achieve higher resolution large screen. Modular design, with good stability, reliability, security, can perfectly meet the needs of the application of the bank.


Picture Tiles: Multi-channel or part of the signal in any rectangular display format full-screen or non-full-screen display, single-screen can open up to four windows.
Picture mode: to a picture as the background, the other window signal using a window tile display.
Overlay mode: With a channel picture as the background, other channels of the screen in the display, the window and the window between some or all coverage, the cover part is not displayed.
Perspective mode: In picture-in-picture mode or overlay mode, you can set the transparency of the previous display window, observe the upper window signal at the same time, you can also see the integrity of the lower complete signal screen.
Zoom and Displacement: The size and position of the window are adjustable.
Edge shielding technology: The processor uses the original edge shielding technology, through the fine pixel adjustment, the edge of the signal automatically extended, the display device due to edge coverage of the contents of the shield, to achieve a natural visual display, the user in the debugging , It is only necessary to enter the size of the display unit and the approximate black border width of the edge in the control software. The technique will automatically calculate the range of shielding required.
Edge fine tuning technology: through the control software related operations, you can stitch the edge of the display display pixels to do a single pixel precise adjustment to achieve the left and right splicing of the screen completely seamless. The technology is suitable for front projection, rear projection, DLP display and so on.
Virtual display technology: configure the external single-head graphics computer, the maximum can achieve 4000 * 2000 (4 rows and 4 columns) dot matrix dynamic map display; configure the external double-headed graphics computer, the maximum can achieve 8000 * 2000 (4 rows ) The lattice's dynamic basemap shows
Mode customization: to provide users with a wealth of mode definition function, 16 built-in custom mode, and support the call mode.


Chinese traditional medicine hospital academy of sciences

Ningbo 113 hospital

A hospital in Nanjing

A monitoring center in Yinchuan

Sales department of Tianjin branch

Shanghai ping an bank

Monitoring center of agricultural bank of Mongolia autonomous prefecture

An ICBC in Jiangsu

Heilongjiang provincial department of finance

Southwest treasury monitoring center of Beijing agricultural bank

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