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2D Edge Blending Controller


2D Edge Blending Controller is a powerful high-end image processing device that can display multiple dynamic images simultaneously on multiple display terminals. It can support high-resolution RGB, VGA, DVI format video signals and video signals according to user requirements. Adjust and transform the window size, display position, image ratio, etc., and finally output a VGA or DVI signal in a uniform format.


Extreme fusion effect

The fusion band is automatically generated, and by feathering, the bright band formed by the overlapping portions is eliminated, and the ultimate picture of the projector's mutual image is integrated.

Arbitrary shape correction

Geometric correction on projection screens of various shapes such as non-standard planes, curved surfaces, spherical surfaces, and folded surfaces. The corrected image has no distortion and the transition is smooth and natural.

Full hardware DSP architecture

Industrial grade chassis with CPCI structure. Lossless CAN bus control technology, professional DSP video processing chip, flexible projection and multi-selection of projection scale, LCD panel real-time display device operating status. Modular design, dual backup power supply, support for power hot backup, fan and other modules can be replaced at will, can support system processing module hot swap. Provide self-diagnosis and detection functions to ensure system reliability, real-time and flexibility.

Other Features

  • Large screen display

    It can support multiple display modes such as Mx1, 1xN, and MxN to meet various application scenarios and meet various scenarios.

  • Stable data architecture

    It can realize 365*24 hours boot operation, the whole system has no switching sequence, no color attenuation.

  • Arbitrary mode call

    The mode is switched freely, there is no black screen, and the picture transitions smoothly.



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