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Multi-format Hybrid Matrix Switcher


>>Multi-format Hybrid Matrix Switcher provides a one-stop solution for video signal acquisition, processing, switching and transmission in multiple formats in various industries. Support cross-point switching, single-way switching and multi-channel simultaneous switching. It adopts advanced "DVI-X" interface technology to collect high-resolution digital signals such as DVI and HDMI. It is also compatible with analog signal input such as VGA, YPbPr, S-video, CVBS, etc., and realizes the full format signal of one interface without difference. Mixed input. The maximum size is 144*144.


Seamless switching

The screen transitions smoothly, no black screen is displayed, and the switching time is less than 5 milliseconds.

Pure hardware architecture, any combination of boards

Industrial grade chassis with CPCI structure. Modular design, dual backup redundant power supply support power supply hot backup, fan and other modules are free to replace. It supports hot plugging of system processing modules and provides various types of chassis and boards to save costs for customers.

Support market source and source collection and output

The input and output signal sources support all types of products on the market including VGA, YPbPr, CVBS, DVI, HDMI, SDI, HDBase-T, IP streaming, and optical LC interface.

Other Features

  • Character labeling

    The input signal source is superimposed to quickly distinguish the input signal.

  • Output resolution is switched at will

    Output resolution is arbitrarily set to ensure compatibility with terminal devices

  • Support various interface boards to mix and insert

    Support various interface boards to mix and insert and hot dial.



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