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Visual Interactive Management Information System


VIMIS, visual interactive management information system is the result of Createk's focus on distributed technology research for many years. The best visual interactive information integrated management solution built with network-wide distributed technology. Committed to building high-performance, high-reliability, and highly scalable visualization applications. Based on distributed interconnection and intercommunication, we will build a comprehensive interactive information management solution integrating integrated audio and video management functions, matrix switching system functions, splicing and converging system functions, environmental control system functions, KVM management functions and big data applications to realize massive data. And information management for maximum value use.


High-performance splicing processing capability

Using a top-of-the-line image processing chip, 60Hz frame-by-frame video is processed in real time to ensure that there is no frame loss or no jamming for each video message. The signal can be freely scaled, cross-screened, roamed, superimposed, and can process 16 layers of video signals simultaneously.

"Zero" dependence between devices

Decentralized, no separate server hardware or input nodes for servers, fully distributed architecture, any hardware node working independently, failure of any node does not affect the operation of the entire system, ensuring reliable and stable system. Up to 256X256 nodes can be supported in a single system.

Visual management

Full visual interaction, signal source visualization, large screen status visualization, scene preview visualization, and environmental control visualization. Real-time preview of all video signal screens, real-time echo of large-screen images, full-touch operation mode, drag, stretch, and click to complete complex system management.

Full-scale screen adaptation

The VIMIS system supports full-size display terminals such as LCD splicing, small-pitch LED, and projection fusion, and can customize any output resolution. Support output packet management, input source sharing.

Dynamic ultra-high resolution base map display

Support large-resolution point-to-point base map display, support multiple base map switching display, support GIS, GPS, SCADA, SIG and other industrial applications.

Full-brand IPC access

It adopts industry standard video codec algorithm and protocol, and can support standard streaming media protocols such as ONVIF and RTSP, and directly access and decode various IPCs such as Haikang, Dahua and Yushi in the network. Supports pan/tilt control of the camera and supports PC network screen capture. It is suitable for multi-platform docking in large-scale systems and realizes unified management scheduling of multiple systems.

KVM+ function

Through the visual management platform of the Android and IOS systems of the mobile terminal, the arbitrary content of the input computer is directly controlled, and any screen input function of the computer signal source is marked. Coordinate the work of various nodes, monitor the working status of each part of the audio and video control of this node, and ensure that the system runs efficiently and in an orderly manner.

Visual display

Each multimedia management node supports the LCD screen to display related device information, which is convenient for viewing the running status of the device.

Environmental control to simplify system configuration

VIMIS system perfectly integrates the central control function, supports RS232, RS485, infrared, I/O port, and can directly control the surrounding environment equipment such as large-screen display system, sound system, lighting system, etc., which can realize comprehensive and integrated management, making it more The system management of platform integration is more convenient, which can greatly reduce the use of third-party devices and simplify the system.

Flexible rights management

Support user rights hierarchical management, support multi-user simultaneous online management, fully meet the requirements of multi-level management of partitions.

Other Features

  • Low bandwidth, low latency, high image quality

    Using the H.264 coding standard, combined with its own image algorithm, while ensuring high image quality, the network delay is controlled within 70ms, ensuring network transmission capability.

  • Multi-region interconnection

    All based on the network, breaking through geographical restrictions. Achieve multi-site coordinated operation, interconnection, signal source sharing, resource integration and utilization.

  • Frame synchronization control

    Frame synchronization technology is used to achieve a complete picture display.

  • Input and output integration

    The VIMIS system adopts an integrated design of input and output nodes and is freely adaptable.

  • Support for rolling subtitles

    Supports input and output character superposition, LED strip screen and scrolling subtitle display, freely define the font, color, size, position, etc. of superimposed characters.

  • Power redundancy backup

    The multimedia management node supports POE power supply and external power supply, and supports power redundancy backup. Ensure high reliability of the system and support continuous and stable operation for 7X24 hours.

  • Custom design

    According to the actual needs of the project, a customized interactive interface can be provided according to the on-site deployment, and support platform systems such as Windows, IOS, and Surface. WYSIWYG provides users with a dedicated interactive visual operation platform.

  • Infinite expansion

    The VIMIS system is based on the IP network and the node is the carrier, which can realize unlimited expansion and upgrade.

  • Rich source type

    Support VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI, HDMI1.4, audio and other formats video access acquisition, to meet the needs of different application scenarios.


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