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Brin-UMAX Fusion Processor


Brin-UMAX Fusion Processor is a new generation 4K full hardware fusion device launched by Chuangkai Intelligent. It supports HDMI2.0 input and output with resolution up to 3840×2160@60hz, perfect for supporting all kinds of ultra high definition digital signal acquisition and output. It provides a more professional solution for UHD Ultra HD applications in various industries. Applicable to exhibitions, lecture halls, multi-functional conference halls, urban comprehensive planning exhibitions, real estate planning and exhibition, super-large IMAX display, film and television industry, simulation system, corporate brand promotion, media information release, simulation combat system, command and control center, etc. High quality display.


Scene switching

A variety of pre-plans can be preset in advance to achieve any switching of various plans. Support preview mode preview function, scene automatic round robin, customizable round robin time.

Fusion band automatic feathering, pixel level fine-tuning

The automatic fusion band feathering technology is adopted to eliminate the bright band formed by the overlapping portion of the projection image, thereby achieving the display effect of the fusion of the projection fusion image, and the pixel width can be adjusted for the width of the fusion band.

Dark field compensation, gamut adjustment

Solve the problem of light leakage of the projector itself, automatically or manually adjust the compensation area color gradation, eliminate the bright band of the overlapping part of the projector under the black image, and maintain the consistency of the image brightness. Support 255 steps, five groups of seven colors to adjust each other, do not affect each other, so that the color of the display screen is consistent.

Arbitrary shape geometry correction

It supports geometric correction on various shapes of projection screens such as rectangles, arcs, circles, rings, and folds to meet the projection applications of different scenes. The corrected image content is uniform and the transition is smooth and natural.

UHD4K@60HZ signal processing

Using advanced fusion algorithms, the processing bandwidth is doubled compared to traditional fusion controllers, supporting the acquisition, processing and output of 4K@60HZ signals, supporting custom resolutions. The output signal is fully synchronized, no frame loss, no tearing, providing users with a perfect and detailed image display.

3D stereo fusion

Support 3D active stereo and passive stereo fusion, complete 3D seamless edge fusion display by collecting corresponding stereo signals. Supports flat and stereo switching display, or stereo and flat window mixed overlay display.


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