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C10 Network HD Video Integrated Platform


C10 network high-definition video integrated platform integrates typical image processing functions in the industry, perfect for high-definition video signal acquisition, ultra-high resolution digital signal real-time image processing, IP streaming media signal encoding and decoding, with linkage alarm, pan/tilt control, The main features of visual control, window zooming in and out, etc., are mainly used for security monitoring, and have made outstanding contributions in the fields of command and control systems, enterprise security monitoring, national aerospace, and military operations command.


Powerful IP stream decoding capability

Support H.265, H.264 encoding format decoding, support 4K resolution IPC direct decoding on the wall display, with a variety of display modes to choose from.

Convenient pan/tilt control

The docking control camera rotation, lens zoom, focus, wiper and other operations greatly facilitate the end user.

Alarm linkage function

It supports the seamless docking of various alarm systems, and can make different levels of response schemes for the alarm system to monitor the alarm signal.

Visual control

Support users to preview and display all input signals in the PC and mobile control software, which can more intuitively select the signal source to be operated. At the same time, you can view the real-time echo image of the large screen in the interface, improve the operator's work efficiency and prevent misoperation.

Other Features

  • Integrated central control

    It can integrate and control some peripheral devices that support RS232 and RS485 control.

  • Permission to log in

    The login mechanism of different users with different permissions guarantees the security of the system.

  • Preplan storage call

    Each system presets multiple control schemes for convenient direct calling.


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