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Digital / Analog Matrix Switcher


>>CK Digital / Analog Matrix Switcher is a specialized, high performance signal switching device. The pure digital matrix includes DVI and HDMI matrix. The pure analog matrix includes AV, VGA, RGB, and audio matrix. The array is used to switch between various signals. It is especially suitable for the occasions of integrated signal switching and display in various multimedia projects. The FLASH memory inside the series matrix stores the information required for matrix switching: switching state power-down recovery, multi-group switching state saving and fast calling, signal group switching, output port binding, and the like.


Multiple control methods

Support button control, infrared remote control, RS232 serial port software control, and any third-party control equipment.

Input and output flexible configuration

All input and output boards can be combined in any combination to maximize the use of machine space to save costs for customers.

Fast switching

The switching process interval is less than 200ns. Optional seamless switching effect


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