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Interactive Class/Mobile Education


? ?>>As an innovative teaching mode, Createk Interactive Class breaks the traditional one-way teaching and realizes the two-way interaction between teachers and students, mainly used in the construction of future classrooms. It is based on CK-PAD hardware interactive tablet and teacher and student handheld devices, providing multi-screen interaction, real-time assessment, resource sharing and other functions for teachers and students to create a research-based and experiential innovation teaching environment.


Innovative teaching

Interactive courseware, rich resources and tools to customize the personalized teaching process.

Mobile lecture

The teacher's large screen remote synchronization operation, mobile booth with the film.

Lightweight teaching

Students no longer carry heavy schoolbags to school, portable small tablets for students to reduce the burden. Teachers do not have to copy courseware frequently, and download the required resources with one click.

Efficient feedback

Quickly ask questions, ask questions in real time, and feedback learning effects in real time.

Interesting interaction

Random questioning, multi-person answering, multi-level screen, strengthen classroom interaction.

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