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Education Sources Platform


>>Createk Education Resource Cloud Platform aims to build a network education resource to build a shared environment, promote the deep integration of information technology and education, enable teachers to find the textbooks they need, and upload and share their own teaching resources to achieve high quality. The popularization and sharing of educational resources, promote education equity, and achieve sustainable development of educational information.


Rich content

From elementary school to high school, all editions, various disciplines, including subject resources, electronic textbooks, real questions, and exam topics, have all been exhausted.

Clear classification

In each school year, the teaching resources of each subject are clearly classified, which is convenient for teachers and students to view and use. It is not necessary to take a needle in a haystack and enhance teaching efficiency.

Independent class schedule

The teacher can upload the teaching courseware to the Chuangkai Education Resource Platform, which is convenient to call at any time. It can also customize the teaching schedule and link the special courseware to a certain class.

Easy login

In addition to the regular web page login, Chuangkai Education Resource Platform can log in with special software in CK-PAD hardware interactive platform, which is easier to operate and faster.

Convenient teaching

Teachers do not have to copy courseware frequently, and after uploading resources, they can quickly call resources at home, in the office, or in the classroom.

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