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D10 Audio and Video Integrated Platform


>>D10 is a multi-tasking security integration platform specially developed for security monitoring. It is compatible with analog acquisition and input functions of analog and digital, standard definition and high definition, ultra-high definition, IP streaming video and other formats. Real-time browsing, pre-monitoring and echoing, user authentication, image processing, splicing management, device management, central control management, network streaming media management, super high score GIS push, visualization application, etc. It has the characteristics of good compatibility and convenient operation, and can meet the application of various large and medium security video surveillance systems. It can be widely used in public security, government, transportation, electric power, energy, national defense, building, broadcasting and other industries.


Semantic control, LED, fusion, matrix integrated control

A set of equipment integrated central control, hybrid matrix, audio processing, splicing processor, fusion processor, full-color LED processor and long-distance transmitter and other peripheral devices, not only solves the problem of distributed processor signal instability, Complex network, network delay, high-definition signal display fuzzy problem, and solve the practical problems of traditional processor single function, multi-software operation complex, and can integrate a UI interface to control the whole system, more intuitive display of the entire system.

Integrated central control

It can directly control the power on and off of the projector, the rise, fall and stop of the projector screen; control the power switch of the camera, pan/tilt rotation, focus, zoom zoom, etc.

Visual control

Support users to preview and display all input signals in the PC and mobile control software, which can more intuitively select the signal source to be operated. At the same time, you can view the real-time echo image of the large screen in the interface, improve the operator's work efficiency and prevent misoperation.

Mobile lecture hall function

Realize android, IOS or WP mobile phone/tablet to interact with flat wireless mobile of D10 system; after running mobile software, speaker can use mobile terminal device for wireless operation, simulate mouse and keyboard to operate PC remotely, operate PPT play, user Can open the PC PPT wirelessly, and perform slide show/exit/up and down page operations;

Interact with CK-PAD

It can centrally search and manage all CK-PAD startup, shutdown, restart, and signal source switching operations in the LAN, and can insert notifications to control the notification display duration;

Other Features

  • Permission to log in

    Permission to log in to ensure the security and stability of the system

  • Preplan storage call

    Each system presets multiple control schemes for convenient direct calling.

  • Forward various protocol commands

    Integrated central control serial port control interface can forward RS232, RS485, DMX512 type commands.



Zhejiang Armed Police Corps

Yining Public Security Bureau Command Center

Weiqiao Venture Group

Binjiang District Meteorological Bureau

Lanzhou Military District, a conference room

Telecommunications building

Dalian North Station

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