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>>CK-PAD Hardware-based Interactive Touch Screen is a new and unique intelligent multi-functional interactive tablet device. It adopts advanced infrared array scanning sensing technology, pure hardware architecture, highly intelligent integration, and can be directly used with writing pen or finger. Writing, touching, erasing, etc. on the electronic tablet is more advanced than the traditional whiteboard and the presentation is better.


Hardware writing operation

The simple page is not simple to operate, uses unique hardware patents to process writing data, realizes no-delay writing, teaching demonstration, conference report, military command and annotation; smart gestures, only need to change the shape of the touch gesture to complete writing and wiping In addition to switching between, no other complicated operations are required.

Fully compatible

CK-PAD is compatible with mainstream systems such as WINDOWS, LINUX, Apple MAC OS, no need to install touch module driver, no calibration, intelligent recognition of click, right click, scroll wheel, multi-finger page up and down operations; compatible with HDMI, DP, VGA, Video display, AV, YPBPR, TV and other signals are displayed and written.

Support ultra high definition 4K signal acquisition

It can capture 4K signals of various types of DL-DVI, DP, HDMI1.4, providing more shocking and clear effects.

Centralized control management

Let enterprises and schools make batch management of CK-PAD more convenient and fast, realize information release with the local area network, transfer files, remote switch machine, remote monitoring, system backup and restore.

Mobile lecture

In the conference and teaching, the CK-PAD is controlled by the speaker's mobile phone or handheld tablet to make the meeting and teaching more flexible; realize remote control, PPT display on the same screen, page turning, mobile phone or tablet file upload, real-time photo transfer display.

Other Features

  • Simple and convenient

    No need for cumbersome software installation, it can be used after booting; user-friendly design, easy to operate, no training required.

  • Smart eye protection

    When writing, the CK-PAD automatically reduces the brightness to protect the operator's vision.

  • Core technology

    Out of windows, Android and other operating systems, you can still achieve common teaching functions, bringing low-fault, high-efficiency classrooms for teaching.

  • remote control

    Intelligent handheld remote control, realize PPT remote page turning, a key to open preset documents, audio and video, web pages and other common documents, one-button remote switch, switch between different screen channels.

  • Logo wallpaper

    Meet customer customization requirements, change boot animations and icons.

  • High-end appearance

    All-aluminum brushed appearance, high-end atmosphere; writing and writing panel adopts all-steel explosion-proof glass, anti-scratch and anti-collision.


An English School in Fuping County

Shiyan City Dongshan Court a boarding school

Linyi City Mengyin County, a central primary school

Weifang City, an organ kindergarten

Linyi City Pingyi County Primary School

Huanggang, Hubei Province, a private school

Yantai Muping to a secondary school Shuangpin

Yantai Qixia City, a secondary school recording studio

Nanzhang County, a complete primary school

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