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Recording And Broadcasting Product


>>Createk Recording and Broadcasting System is based on the needs of education informationization and platformization. It combines the characteristics of traditional recording and broadcasting with the advantages of Chuangkai audio and video technology. It has developed high integration, high definition, high precision and high intelligence. Broadcast integrated solution.


Highly integrated

Our recording and broadcasting host integrates audio and video codec, navigation system, tracking and positioning system, audio processing system, and can track teachers, students and blackboards without additional configuration tracking.

High definition

①Our camera adopts high-definition 1080P resolution image acquisition, MP4 format video recording, and the camera passes the radio and television inspection and certification to ensure the video quality to the utmost extent.
②Using engineering conference-level audio processing equipment, each input and output has intelligent mixing, echo cancellation, multi-band equalization, noise suppression and other processing, high-fidelity sound reproduction, support for this sound reinforcement, remote interaction, observation and monitoring.

High precision intelligent detection

In terms of detection and positioning, we use the latest face recognition and 3D dynamic behavior capture technology to accurately locate teachers and students in real time.

Convenient intelligent navigation operation

In order to give the teacher the best user experience, we have streamlined the operation of the guide recording, providing a visual touch guide solution, one-click opening and one-click completion of the course recording, easy to use.

Other Features

  • Portable background configuration

    Rationally design the back-end configuration page to make configuration items and text descriptions easy to understand.

  • Open cloud resource platform

    Establish a cloud resource publishing and sharing platform to implement functions such as resource on demand, webcast, and online editing.

  • High quality stereo

    The sound quality has a sense of space (surrounding), a sense of positioning (direction), and a sense of layering (thickness). The sound in the final recorded video makes people listen comfortably.

  • Intelligent control

    Mobile control is achieved with a smart touch control system.

  • Support for third parties

    An open system architecture that supports third-party platform docking and extension applications.

  • Quality service

    Perfect system structure, covering the national technical service network, providing 24-hour localization service.



Qingyang County Exhibition Hall

Qingyang County Exhibition Hall

Qingyang County Exhibition Hall

Lu'an People 's Road School

Lu'an People 's Road School

Kaiyuan eight in Liaoning Province

Kaiyuan eight in Liaoning Province

Kaiyuan eight in Liaoning Province

Dalian University for Nationalities

Rizhao City First Middle School

Wuhan City Vocational College

Yantai City, a secondary school recording studio

Yantai Muping to a secondary school Shuangpin

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